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Beautiful Blogger Award & Liebster Award

Since entering the blogosphere and finding my place in blogland, I have met some amazing people  not only from the United States but from around the world – India, Belgium, France, New Zealand, Endgland, Canada – places I have only visited in my dreams (maybe National Geographic, of course). Now, I find myself communicating with ‘friends’ across countries and oceans on a daily basis. During these visits, I have laughed and cried finding myself drawn into families that have endured hardships and overcome adversities beyond measure. So, before I graciously accept and pay forward two new awards bestowed upon catnipoflife, a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all of my followers and visitors. Your support and inspiration are daily beacons providing a guiding light for my writing. I do try to reciprocate as often as possible with visitations across the web letting you know I visit your site by Liking or commenting. Should I not pay you a visit in a reasonable amount of time please drop by catnip and give me a little nudge♥

Onward to the awards. . .

Just recently, catnipoflife has received nominations for two awards. Instead of doing two separate posts, I’m going to combine the two together mainly because of time constraints in completing the requirements. Each have their own set of ‘rules’ but instead of treating them independently, I am going to let my nominess select the one they would like to sparkle on their own website. The Beautiful Blogger Award received does not contain any question/answer specifications. However, the Liebster Award does. Since catnip has previously received this award click Liebster Award or the Liebster Award logo and refer to its rules and questions. Should you find your name in this previous list and you have not responded, remember, there is no time limit. It has not expired!

The first award is the Beautiful Blogger Award honoring sites that share inspiration.

Received from Shirley Sorbello

Catnipoflife is shining in the heart of one of her followers, Shirley Sorbello, which makes catnip gleam in return. Shirley has been inspired by the writings on catnipoflife and has graciously nominated her for the Beautiful Blogger Award. It is always so heart warming to know when catnip’s thoughts, pictures, and/or videos have touched someone in a special way. Thank you, Shirley!


The requirements for the Beautiful Blogger Award are:

  • Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and create a link back to their blog.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award.

The second award is the Liebster Award honoring sites with 200 followers or less.

Catnipoflife is deeply moved to be nominated by Christine Hammon. Christine is the author of A Hairdresser’s Diary which has received 5-Star reviews. Her story carries you on a journey from a life where she longs to be loved to one where she is not only loved but adored. It embraces accomplishment of her dream only to see it shattered most unexpectedly. You will find yourself at the intersection of many life-changing events where you will want to reach out to her, share in the moment, and lend a helping hand when so urgently needed. You will laugh at the incredibly funny stories, cry at thoughts of the uncontrollable pain, and share with her the most memorable endeavors.

As mentioned earlier, click Liebster Award or its logo at right for access to information and its rules.

 Now, I get to pay the award forward to those that have inspired me! Such awards are really great for they hold a two-fold purpose: It is not just the receiving of the award…it is the giving of the award! What a wonderful way to build an online community!
And the nominees are. . .


My Own Heart

Valerie Davis

Kick Back Moments
A Taste of Bliss
Fortyteen Candles

this man’s journey
Mondrak’s Blog
The London Flower Lover
CONGRATULATIONS to all but most of all, hugs to all of my devoted followers!
Please LEAVE A COMMENT so I know you have received the notification and accept the award!

Not one, but two – Liebster Blog Awards!

Click HERE!

Catnipoflife is honored to receive the Liebster Blog award from, Janice Richards @JanasDreams and Rosemary Adkins @Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler.

Before engaging in the ‘rules’ for the award, I would like to introduce you to both of these wonderful women. Each of them brings their own unique perspective to the blogging world.

  • For up-to-date information on what is happening on a daily basis and what each day is noted for specifically (National Days), visit JanasDreams. For example, did you know August 15 is Relaxation Day, August 16 is National Tell a Joke Day, August 18 is Bad Poetry Day, and today, August 21, is Senior Citizen’s Day? Um-m-m? I wonder what ‘day’ tomorrow will bring? In addition, Janice is the author of five books. Visit her @Amazon Author Central for information about her publications.
  • Rosemary Adkins, aka Mamie, is extraordinary. She is the author of Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler. In her own words about her book: “When the opportunity arose to take a trip to Ireland, I poured myself into it and studied Ireland for nearly two years. Part of my dream was to pay tribute to Douglas (my husband) for loving and taking care of me for so long without ever a complaint during the years of my illness.” Visit ‘Mamie’ at Goodreads for more information about her publication.

Now, to the rules. . .

“The rules are that the winners have to pay forward to other people whose sites are worth the recognition and have less than 200 followers. If they accept the award, they should: thank the person who nominated them and link to his/her site; nominate five to eleven (5 to 11) other favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers, and copy/paste the Liebster Blog Icon into their post.”

In doing some additional research about this award, some say pay it forward to five (5) where others say pay it forward to elven (11). Therefore, I have decided to give my nominees a choice. Also, there are some that present question and answer stipulations where others require none. Since Rosemary provided specific questions I will attempt to answer hers as briefly as possible.

1. What or who influenced you to write?

Writing poetic notes for my husband and for our children (left in their lunch boxes). Also writing curricum in which I wrote a math unit, Poetic Math Challenge.

2. Are you currently working on another book?

Yes! My third book, Awakenings from Then ’til Now, is under publication and hopefully will be released next month.

3. What is your favorite past time?

Playing golf with my husband

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Ireland! I want to play on those magnificent golf courses!

5. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about writing a book?

When you have random thoughts write them down. You never know when they may be the beginning of that special story or poem.

6. If you had to select a public office to hold, what would you choose for yourself and why?

City Commissioner – to work on fostering a strong sense of community, maintaining the beautiful, natural environment, and promoting economic growth ensuring opportunities for all citizens

7. Do you have any hobbies?

Sewing, cooking and painting

8. Where is your favorite restaurant and favorite food to eat?

JMichael’s in Panama City Beach, FL – Shrimp JMichael Yum-m-m-m!

9. What is your fondest memory?

Traveling to Europe with a friend for a month. AWESOME!

10. What is your favorite movie or TV series?

Somewhere in Time, Christoper Reeve and Jane Seymour

11. What is your reason for writing?

Following God’s plan for I never envisioned myself being a writer. I am only His messenger.

And the nominees are. . .(drum roll)

I’m actually really excited to showcase some of my favorite blogs. Please take time to visit them, you won’t regret it!




Darby’s story

Potato Chip Cats

My Own Heart

Books That Sow

A Hairdresser’s Diary

Chief Writing Wolf

Darlene Craviotto

Joseyphina’s World

Valerie Davis

My questions for you are:
1. What brought you to the blogging world?
2. What do you enjoy the most about blogging?
3. What do you remember about the first movie you ever saw?
4. What sitcom that has aired its final season would you like to see returned to television?
5. What is your favorite animated character?
6. What is your favorite all-time classic movie?
7. If you had a time machine, where/when would you go and why?
8. What are your interests/hobbies other than reading and/or writing?
9. What is your dream vacation?
10. How would you change the world if you could in one way?
11. What are 5 words that describe your personality?
NOTE: Since not all sites feature stats some nominess may actually have more than 200 followers. If so, please graciously accept the award as a way for you to pay it forward to someone you know that is deserving of its recognition.
Please leave a comment so I know you have received and accepted the award!

Liebster Award

Waiting in my Inbox today, I found a most pleasant surprise. catnipoflife had been honored with a nomination for the Liebster Award from Cosmuse. I was only vaguely familiar with this award having seen it on many blogsites but having never taken the time to reseach what it truly means.

What is the Liebster Award?

“The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The Meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.”

Before delving into the rules for this award, I would like to introduce you to . She is from New Delhi, India and claims she likes writing as much as she likes desserts, maybe more! Now, folks, that must mean she absolutely loves to write! I believe it and you will, too, once you visit her site. She is a very talented, heartfelt writer! Vaishali, I am very humbled and honored to receive this award from you!

There are certain rules one has to follow, and copying them from  Cosmuse‘s blog post, they are enumerated below:
  1. If you are tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts abut yourself.
  2. Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you & make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
  3. Tag 11 more Bloggers.
  4. Tell the people you tagged that you did.
  5. No tagging back.
  6. The person you tag must have less than 200 followers.
Here goes:

11 Facts about me:

Other than first being a child of God and a true believer in Jesus Christ, I am. . .
1. A Weight Watcher’s makeover
2. A member of G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Raised In The South)
3. Lover of music but the only note I sing is ‘So‘ – Sour only
4. My husband and I share the same middle name – Lee.
5. I’m giddy like a child when I catch a fish.
6. Love to swim and once dreamed of being the next Ester Williams (Visit Awakenings: Like Classic Movies?)
7. Enjoy painting, oils and acrylics
8. Favorite sport is golf
9. University of Florida fan Go Gators!
10. Hate to be alone
11. Love old cars and classic movies
Answers to Vaishali’s questions:
1]   ‘Checkered blue n white’ or ‘black’?
Let’s see. . .I love blue (my favorite color, in fact),  not too fond of checkered (except the red & white checkered tablecloths at picnics). black, well it is known to be very slenderizing. OK …that does it – Black, definitely black!
2] Curtains or no curtains?
Definitely NO curtains! All they do is collect dust, frogs (yep, the ting green ones) and make rooms too dark. If anything, plantation shutters. . .Let the light shine in!
3]   Hardcover, paperback or ebooks?
Hardcover when it is on sale:>) No doubt about it – paperback over ebook. Love the feel of that book in hand and special bookmarks!
4]   What’s your ambiance while writing?
With and without music, whatever is going on at the time but definitely with my cat in my lap!
5]   Do you plan to publish a novel?
I think every writer thinks about a novel at one time or another but my gift from God is writing poetry and inspirational  words. After all, I am a mathematician become messenger: He gifts it to me and I gift it to others.
6]   Do you like to make a gift for your loved one or do you rather buy?
Much prefer to make but it is not always feasible or possible.
7]   Which is the most beautiful color according to you?
Blue, most assuredly, blue.
8]   What’s your mantra in life?
From Treasures in Jars of Clay, 2 Corinthians 4:18 – “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”
9]   Have you ever thought of becoming a soldier in your life?
Not really, but I have the utmost respect and honor for those serving in the military.
10] Do you have stage fear?
Not at all. . .life is a stage!
11] ‘Mickey mouse/ Aladdin/Duck Tales’ or ‘ Shin Chan/ Doraemon/ Kitretsu’?
‘Mickey mouse/ Aladdin/Duck Tales’ especially the first two!
Because of the time that it does take to complete the requirments for acceptance of this award and because I feel Vaishali’s questions really hit at the crux of this award, I am passing the same questions on to the well-deserving nominees listed below. Each of them has in some way touched my heart and often made my day!While you may not reach the ‘magic’ number of eleven, remember they should be new blogs of no more than 200 followers. Since many blogsites do not display stats for number of followers, it may be possible for some nominees to have more that the required number. If so, please do graciously accept the award as a means by which you can pass recognition along to any newbies who are following you.
And the nominees are. . .[drum roll, trumpets]



catnipoflife is celebrating her 200th follower! For some, this is only a drop in the bucket. But, for catnip, this is a milestone: she has exceeded the limitations of the Liebster Blog Award and is no longer considered a ‘newbie’, new kid on the block, novice, noobonaught, or nooblet!

With this announcement comes the opportunity to recognize the 200th sign-on: [Drum roll, please…]

Dan @hurdlestohappiness

Here is a little about Dan in his own words:

My name is Dan, and I am currently a student at the University of Central Florida, majoring in Creative Writing and double minoring in Spanish and Hospitality Management. I recently completed my first book, a self-help for teens, with hopes of it being published in the near future. This blog is meant to give you a deeper look into the life of a teenager wanting to become a published author, as well as offer tools and tips of advice to help you ultimately achieve the life-long goal of Happiness.

GiftBoxesGifts of Appreciation in Celebration

As catnip’s 200th follower, she would like to provide a few gifts in celebration. So, Dan, I do hope you will accept with pleasure. . .

First gift…

versatilebloggernominationsThe Versatile Blog Award: catnipoflife recently received this award from Poems French & English by Gys. [This award was the very first award received by catnip last spring. Click HERE for her info.] Having perused your blog, I discovered the categories Achieving Happiness, My Writing Process, Poetry and Travels. With versatility comes accomplishment and accomplishment indeed is evidenced in your many blog awards that honor writing purposely, skillfully and with talent.

As with any award, there are rules:

1. Thank and to link the blogger who nominated you.
2. Show the award logo on your blog.
3. Write a post on the appointment.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers (or any number of your choice, more or less) and inform each.
5. Tell 7 things about yourself.

Second gift…

super-sweet-awardSuper Sweet Award: catnipoflife graciously accepts this award from Ute Smile. [This is catnip’s second, the first coming from Len a few months ago. Info can be found HERE.] Everyone loves sweets, some more than others! With this award, comes naming your favorites!

Here are the rules:

Nominate a baker’s dozen of other bloggers and answer these five questions in your own blog posting. Be sure to inform those upon which you bestow the award.

1. Cookie or cake?
2. Chocolate or Vanilla?
3. Favorite sweet treat?
4. Time when you crave sweets the most?
5. Sweet nickname? (If you don’t already have one, what would you like it to be?

Third gift…

AwakeningsHRsmAwakenings from Then ’til Now: catnipoflife‘s sister site Awakenings recently featured The Next Big Thing highlighting the soon to be released Awakenings from Then ’til Now. An additional gift to you is a copy of this book signed by me, the author. To receive your signed copy, I will need a mailing address. Should you not want to publicly display your address, you may email it to me . There are no rules, of course, in acceptance of this gift but perhaps you might consider a review.SmileySm

Fourth gift…

AwakeningsBookmarkA Bookmark: What is the gift of a book without a bookmark! Yep, one is included so when you take a break from reading you won’t lose your place in time. The book covers five centuries from the 17th century to the 21st century. What does the past whisper to you? opportunities for reflection occur intermittently throughout each chapter. Happy journeying and journaling!

Five is catnip’s “number” so there is a Fifth gift…

TheNextBigThing2The Next Big Thing: An invitation is extended to you for an interview to be included on catnipoflife and Awakenings as an addition to The Next Big Thing, which is a series of blog posts where authors talk about their work using the same ten questions. At the end of the blog you can tag other authors who will do the same thing a week later. So not only do others get to find out more about your book but you also connect your site to some other interesting writers. The Next Big Thing is a hot topic in the writers’ world so say ‘yes’ and tag along!

Before closing, catnip thanks all of her followers for their time visiting and leaving comments. Any day is a good day to gather a little catnip of life!


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