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Beautiful Animals and Birds

Of course catnipoflife is not just about cats. It is about life and the joys found within all its beauty: the sights, the sounds, and yes, even the smells. We go about our daily routines sometimes not even noticing the little things that keep life in balance. A new bud on an old flower, a breath of fresh air, the wisp of the wind, a raindrop that quenches the thirst of the tiniest insect.

There is so much surrounding us that is truly amazing. Take the time to simply look around…

Beautiful animals and birds from Murvakonda Shailaja

Inspiration: Solitude

the nightingale glides across a twilight sky

a symbol of love and longing in flight

it exhales in a melodious love song

shattering the solitude of the night


Since ancient times birds have been considered a connection between heaven and earth. They are known to reach deep into the heart and the soul through symbolism and spirituality. For some cultures, their symbolism is one of immortality, while some myths declare every bird in the world representative of a departed soul. Birds have been immortalized in art throughout the world and in Christian art, birds often appear as saved souls. They also provide inspiration for remarkable stories written in both prose and poetic meter offering time for solitude within deep repose.

How many different birds can you match with their key word significance? Here are just a few. . .

The most renown bird in America is, of course, the  Bald Eagle. As our national bird, it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead being forever watchful. It signifies strength while conveying powers and messages of the spirit. Special significance is placed upon the Eagle and its feathers by Native American Indians often becoming an iconic symbol and tribal logo.

The eagle or one of these below just might be your inspiration for tomorrow. . .

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