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Friends vs. Friendship


Piggies can be our friends!

During a lifetime, each person will encounter innumerable friends. They will come. They will go. Some will be remembered. Some won’t. Many will be real. Thousands will be virtual. Yet, we call them all friends. There is really no separation. Some we see. Some we don’t. These are our circle of friends.

What makes a person a friend? Can someone be called “friend” yet not truly be a friend, only act friendly? Everyday conversation occurs during which someone will reply, “Oh, he’s my friend!” or “I know her. She is a friend of mine.” Has this happened to you? Have you ever paused in wonder as to what made you identify a person as a friend? Each of us will have different thoughts and answers to that question.

We have work-friends, buddy-friends, intellect-friends, fun-friends, the talker-friend and the listener-friend. There is the big brother or big sister and of course, the friend who is like a mom or dad. Some even earn our trust as we accept them into our hearts without question. Each plays a significant role in life.

Now turn to friendship. Any difference?

Friendship is a form of love, passionate in the sense of caring and understanding but not erotic. It is resting your head on someone’s shoulder and crying out of sheer happiness or sobbing uncontrollably in times of sorrow. It is that person holding you so tight you do not want them to let go for you are no longer capable of separating one person’s tears from the other. It is disagreeing and finding harmony in disagreement. Those are the personal lasting friendships.

Today, with the advancement of social networking, friendship does not get applied to many situations. The friends in this environment are acquaintances that people do not even know and probably will never know. Yet, comfort can still be found, it is simply within written communication, rather than in person.

Each of us can be a friend, associate with friends, and form lasting friendships. Those that last are the ones which we truly celebrate. In other words, a celebration of friendship is when you are not only told you have dirt on your face but your friend helps you clean up your mess! This is our blessing of friendship.

Angel of Friendship

friendship_angelstar-divider-lineA cloud floats from Heaven
To rest upon a shoulder
A soft, billowing pillow
Where an angel abides

Quietly, gently resting
‘Til needed to leaven
Heaviness like a boulder
Laying worries aside

Who is this angel?
Quintessence of loyalty
Bearer of charity
Who offers companionship…

Listener with quiet understanding,
Sunbeam smiles radiating harmony,
A messenger of amity
Ensuring a lasting relationship

Who is this angel?
This angel is the angel of friendship!

Echoes©2004 Echoes
Sharla Lee Shults



Catnip word of the day: “petrichor”

Enjoy the simple things in life. . . learn to dance in the rain! Rain is fascinating. Rain is refreshing. Rain is rejuvenating. Rain is. . .

You finish the sentence as you see, feel, hear, even smell the rain. Speaking of the smell, while water is odorless, there is a distinct smell to rain, particularly after a dry spell. It is a pleasant, earthy smell that has a name – “petrichor.”

Did you know there is science behind rain? Yes, it is much more than simply water falling from the sky at which point you usually run so you don’t get wet!

As a kid, you probably loved to play in the rain. Run, jump, splash, even dance. Why should such joy be limited to days reminiscent of childhood? Afterall, you have an inner child that never grows old living and loving life to its fullest.

From the Catnip of Life. . .

Rain dances to many rhythms from drizzle to sprinkle, steady flow to downpour. It makes its own music as tiny to big raindrops scatter or merge gracefully like a ballerina or eye-catching as a flash dance. What about that sweet, pungent smell? Is it truly the rain emitting an odor, the rain interacting with the air, or the reaction of rain striking the earth? There’s definitely a fresh, earthy smell well before first drops fall. Actually, with an approaching rainstorm’s climb in humidity, the odor rises up from its earthly embrace. That’s the moment you say, “It smells like rain!”


Ah! Nothing like the aroma
Of fresh-baked homemade bread
Or that distinct powerful scent
Warm cinnamon rolls spread!

Such succulent senses
Can dull any pain
But have you ever stopped
To smell morning rain?

Peace abides in the meadow
’Til twilight in the countryside
Where wet spicy fragrances
Of newly-cut timbers abide

Subtle, soothing perfumes
The colorful wildflowers yield
But have you ever stopped
To smell rain in a grassy field?

With morning light
A bracing essence drifts by
As sunbeams peep
From behind clouds in the sky

A bold rainbow arches
O’er a weather vane
But have you ever stopped
To smell lashing rain?

A farm road embraces
An afternoon shower
As dusty mist bathes
Each tree, every flower

Within a few moments
Freshness of senses is bestowed
But have you ever stopped
To smell rain on a dusty road?

What is this rain smell
Of which I so speak?
Somewhat surprising
And always unique

Breathe in the rain smells
Part of Mother Nature’s domain
Dance in the puddles
Left behind by the pouring rain

When the forecast is rainfall
Break away from daily routines
Let the rhythms of falling rain
Compose a song of tranquil scenes

Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with liquid silver drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.
—Langston Hughes (American Poet, 1902–1967)


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