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Catnip of Life’s New Website

ANNOUNCEMENT: Catnip of Life’s manuscript is in the hands of Keith Leon What a blessed milestone! I will keep you updated on the publishing process as time moves along. After all, it is a process, not an overnight event!

For detailed information on The Catnip of Life visit

What is Catnip of Life?

Stir your inner spirit with Catnip of Life poetry! Be the cat on catnip—reel with excitement or relax in tranquility! Catnip poetries open doorways to nature around you, up close and personal. Voices of nature call you away from the busyness and business of life.

Why poetry? The rhythmic balance of the natural world is poetry in motion. Catnip of life widens observation at its best. It captures your listening ear to what you may have overlooked as a joyous song. Catnip’s verses embrace bountiful artistry, where the breath of life is bittersweet as you learn to savor its essence.

Mother Nature’s wonder thrives where you least expect it. Enhance your vision through a life-changing lens as the poems follow the natural cycles of nature. Quotes presented throughout the chapters connect life to each poetic writing. Pausing for reflection allows you to note when, where, or how your awareness increases.

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Lollipop, Lollipop…Oh lolli lolli lolli! Lollipop!

July 20 is…National Lollipop Day


I could not resist alerting everyone to this celebration since childhood is such an intricate part of the catnipoflife. Mosey on over to catnip’s sister site, Awakenings, for the celebration. You just might find some lollipops that turn you on or perhaps turn you off!


Plus how on earth could I pass posting the cat eating the lollipop?!



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Awakenings: Happy Mother’s Day

It is not just about flowers, candy, gifts and such but about honor and remembrance of Mothers. For those whose Mothers are still living, pick up the phone. The sound of a voice can have a much greater impact that any monetary gift.

To all Mothers, near and far…

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Awakenings: Hey! What’s wrong with weeds?

To the average person, weeds are a nuisance. See a weed. Pull a weed. Of course, that all depends on the kind of weeds and where they are located. Farmers detest them. Children love them. Didn’t you ever play with a “dande-fluff”? Then, there are those that take over the lawn providing just the right amount of green where nothing else will grow. These you never pull but mow right over instead! And, believe it or not, some are actually edible.

March 28 is…
National Weed Appreciation Day

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Weed Appreciation Day? You’ve got to be kidding, right? I try my darnedest to keep those pesky little fellows OUT of my flower garden! Why on earth would I want to celebrate an appreciation for something so annoying?

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Awakenings: Blessings at Easter

Easter is so much, much more
Than what any Easter bunny brings
Chocolate or decorated eggs
Marshmallows or candy rings
A day of Christian celebration
Flowing with the spirit of love
Comfort in the fulfilled promise
All by the hands of Heaven above

In all her colorfulness
Mother Nature doth intervene
Adding splendor to the day
Dawn ’til dusk, all hours in between
Awaken with the sunrise
On this blessed resurrection day
With refreshed, renewed spirit
Each hour, minute, ready to replay

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Wishing everyone a very blessed Easter!

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Awakenings: Leap for Surf ‘n’ Turf

February 29 comes only every four years and 2016 is the year when you get to celebrate a bonus 24 hours! Tomorrow you are about to regain precious minutes missed over the past four years. Don’t regard this as just another day but examine ways in which you can make it memorable.

Funny, serious, entertaining…it’s your choice. Do something you have been wanting to do for a long time or complete an unfinished task. Spend extra time with your loved ones, make this a special day for your kids. You know you can even make it educational and let them know exactly what makes a year leap with an extra day once every four years. Hey, how much do you know about leap year?

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Did you know February 29 is…National Surf ‘n’ Turf Day! While the mention of surf ‘n’ turf immediately salivates mouth-watering visions of the classic filet Mignon and lobster, you don’t have to be constrained to simply that combination. You can create your own from a variety of seafood and varied choices of meat. Check out the great, delicious, some absolutely cra-a-a-azy recipes!

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Awakenings: Last Week of February

Because of my husband’s illness and sudden surgery, it is necessary for me to take (hopefully) a short break.

For the last week of February through the 28th, let me to guide you to my Pinterest Board What’s Happenin’ in February. With this being a leap year, the 29th will just have to wait! Also, check out Music Memories… there are nearly 300 memorable recording artists and songs to revisit. 

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Life without music is life without a soul. Songs are epitomized in the first yawn of the morning to the last kiss goodnight, from the bewitching midnight hour to the breaking light of dawn. My husband is my music. May he get well soon and come home!

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Just Being a Cat

February 19 is…Temporary Insanity Day! No kidding! Make this day fun with crazy antics that just simply make others smile and laugh!

There are many degrees of insanity…


♥Make Everyday Valentine’s Day♥

TGIF! But not just any TGIF…this is the Friday of Valentine’s Day weekend and also the Friday before celebration of Presidents’ Day. The weekend will be jam packed with shoppers searching for just the right gift for those special persons in their lives while taking advantage of the last big sales of Winter.

Tradition surrounds the celebration of Valentine’s Day with emphasis placed on love encompassing this one special day. The history of Valentine’s Day is really quite interesting. Click HERE

BUT, there is a question that to this day still perplexes me: Why not make any day Valentine’s Day? Is it just the cards, flowers and gifts on this one day that make the heart truly sing? I don’t think so!

Think about it. Every day dawnings and twilights flaunt spectacular colors equal to the challenge of any prism. From delicate to blazing, butterscotch to psychedelic hues, watercolor palettes to brilliant pearlesent views. These are perfect times as nature’s paintbrush wisps through the clouds, over the horizon and across the seas. Can you see it?

Um-m-m-m? But what about the between hours? Are they not equally as poignant emoting feelings of glory where you actually feel the scent of fresh flowers? From the low, warm light of mornings and late afternoons to the mystics of the night time, all around you nature awakens, ever emerging, ever changing. Do you feel it?


Lights, sound, action! What a magnificent, anything but silent, motion picture right before your eyes—rumbles of distant thunder announcing a Springtime shower, the roaring of the ocean along the beach in Summer, the rustle of leaves in Autumn, the crunching of footfalls in the dry snow of Winter! Can you hear it? 


Breathe deeply! Inhale. Exhale. Slowly. Smell the rain along a dusty road, salty sea spray to raw ocean smells, smell of bayberry and cinnamon, the burning smell of a cozy open fire, sweet-smelling aroma of freshly baked bread or apple pie and so much more invite all to lift their heads and take a deep breath. What about the rose!  Do you smell it?

Enjoy the moment! Delight comes with candlelit dinners for two, double straws in a single vanilla float, cuisines of festivals with every crumb taste tested, gripping taste of hot cocoa around a blazing campfire, bittersweetness of the finest chocolates, the sweet taste of love in every kiss. Each moment. Every moment. Can you taste it?


Love is sharing whether by sight, feel, sound, smell or taste. Share with the one you love that in love, We Share the Same Dreams. . .

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Pattie or Patty?

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America’s ‘Little Darling’ Sweetheart

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The Brolly, The Gamp, The Bumbershoot


At Awakenings, catnip’s sister site, we are celebrating The Brolly, The Gamp, The Bumbershoot! If you are not familiar with either of those terms, perhaps the image above will give you a clue. BUT, do each represent a type of cat or is it the umbrella, which is all too familiar especially on rainy days? OR could it simply be a cat toy?

Visit Awakenings for celebrations, music, trivia of all sorts, foodie fun, history, My America, YOUR America, Our America & more, more, more …



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