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The Reason for this Season

The Christmas season is filled with times of joyful gathering…family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, acquaintances from many different backgrounds. The main question is…why do you join others in celebration at this time of year? Is it simply feasting and partying, dressing in fancy attire, for camaraderie, perhaps time to catch up on happenin’s throughout the year? What makes it different from any other gathering? There is only one reason for this season which should remain at the top of the list, the star of the Christmas tree, the most wondrous gift of them all…

May we never be so focused on getting gifts & PRESENTS 
that we forget to receive…
…the gift of HIS PRESENCE!

 Spread the pure joy!

There is magic in Christmas
A time for joy, a time of peace
Sharing, caring, preparing
As cascading snowflakes increase

A star tops the Christmas tree
Presents of love beneath
All in the joy of giving
Encircling like a wreath

People come, people go
All in the name of good cheer
Wishing Merry Christmas
And the happiest New Year

 Coziness of a fireplace
A warm hug, tender kiss

Christmas Eve closes in prayers
No one dares not miss

 While saying Merry Christmas
With wishes for a Happy New Year
How many celebrate birth
The real reason behind all the cheer?

Wining, dining, feeling fine
Feasting on the best
When asked why you celebrate
What do you attest?

Hope in Christmastime
The message of the season
Birth of our Savior
Truly the blessed reason

 Spread the word far and wide
In full convoy
 Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Spread the pure joy!


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A Touch of Catnip


Doesn’t appear our little feline friend is playing Beethoven’s Fifth…”bum bum bum buuuuuummmm” by his/her keyboard strokes so let’s use a little imagination and pretend the little fellow (or gal) is striking a familiar Christmas tune.

Christmas is a special time of year when music fills the air while sweet-smelling aromas tickle the nose of each passerby, whether within the home kitchen, along city sidewalks and streets or weaving along country roads. While this is a time of caring and giving, let us not forget those darling little ‘angels’ that bring so much joy and love into the home. Let’s make theirs a purr-fectly wonderful Christmas as they make ours a melodically meowy Christmas!




The Time When Giving Rules

As Christmas day draws nearer and nearer, very little time remains for shopping, especially for the little gifts that may have been forgotten. The last minute push always has people rushing around almost in a daze…in a craze anyway! So, ever thought of doing something different? Staying away from the malls, putting your imagination to work? What about inviting family and friends over and being creative! Make some small gifts together or simply let the time of enjoyment be the gift itself…give the gift of smiles and laughter.

* * * * *

The Time When Giving Rules


a time for giving
Loving, laughing & living
Forgetting & forgiving
Remembering, reliving
Christmas brings time for laughter
Today, tomorrow, thereafter
Gifts of love, you’re the crafter 
Those ne’er bought before or after

Something to use, something to share
The idea is showing you care
Make it something unique with flair
 Or totally risque if you dare
Should you decide food’s the thing
 Add to it just the right zing
Small goodies smiles surely bring
When the mason jar is king
If the gift is a gift of money
Be sure to make it funny
Any dollar bill, sweet as honey
Leaves the day bright and sunny

 Less demanding are simple tools
Maybe rhinestone studded jewels
Some little wooden sewing spools
All in the time when giving rules

©2014 Sharla Lee Shults

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Awakenings: Christmas & Santa

Before ol’ St. Nick rose up the chimney he had to have come down the same way. But, why the chimney at all…why not through the door or a window? Could it be all doors and windows are suppose to be locked, especially at midnight and wee hours of the morning? When/where does the chimney really enter the picture? There are various stories why Santa comes down the chimney. The one most commonly known appears in the famous Christmas poem “An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas” even though Santa’s connection with chimneys dates back several centuries before the poem.

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With Christmas Eve drawing nigh, let’s take a peek at Santa Claus, whose presence is already abundant during this time of the year but with only one evening where he ‘climbs down the chimney’!

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Gone, yet ne’er forgotten!


Amid all the festiveness of the holiday season come times of remembrance… Christmas past, family and friends gone but not forgotten. There is an overwhelming sense of sadness that at the same time brings on smiles of the heart. The joy, the laughter, the silliness within the seriousness of the time. With Christmas, there is always music, special music. Some of the melodies have been passed down from generation to generation while new ones hit the scene with the changing times.


Loving memories of those who have passed on are rekindled everyday in music that lives on and on and on…

Gone, yet ne’er forgotten
Music that calms & heals
Soothing the very soul
With each heart it steals
  Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Music starts the morning
Your songs live within us
Keeping our hearts yearning
  With the Christmas season
You’re missed more ’n’ more
With melodies of the holidays
Drifting in and out the door

 Gone, yet ne’er forgotten
Music to relive the days
Happiness within sorrow
Til the last memory fades

Sharla Lee Shults


To all who have loved ones in Heaven this Christmas, may you find joyful peace with family and friends.



Awakenings: Bake ’em & Eat em’

With cookies having already been celebrated throughout the year, why another ‘cookie’ day? There was even an entire month devoted to the cookie, the month of October. Since we are in the midst of the Christmas holiday season perhaps understanding why another ‘cookie’ day is not so difficult at all. With Christmas comes baking, with all the baking going on, at the top of the list is holiday cookies.

December 18 is…

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Cookie days celebrated up to this point generally focused on any cookies with the easy way out being bought, not homemade. Bake Cookies Day is set aside for people, young and old, to stir up some cookie dough spreading holiday aromatic scents around not just the kitchen but permeating throughout the house.

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Awakenings: Awakenings Book Signing

From the inception of Awakenings, it has been my goal to support our military with the book itself being dedicated to those who laid the foundation and established the platform for our American freedom: those who have served in the past, presently serve, or will serve our military forces in the future. A profound appreciation is extended for the sacrifice of these brave men and women who left or will leave their homes and family to ensure America’s freedom endures.

Today I am proud to announce a book signing event with proceeds benefiting our wounded warriors and veterans will take place…

Saturday, December 12
The Bean Cafe
101 E Water Street
Bainbridge, Georgia

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For each $20 book sale, proceeds go toward the support of our troops. Should anyone desire to make a donation above the $20 that total amount would go to the designated party, veterans and/or wounded warriors, through channels provided by the American Legion Post 157, Donalsonville, GA.
The intent is not for personal gain but benefit of our military…my way of giving back to those who have given so much of themselves for the freedoms enjoyed on a daily basis in America.

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Awakenings: Awakenings Breaks 300,000 Hits!

Awakenings was birthed on November 18, 2011 taking baby steps with its first 5 blog posts being aired before the end of the year. Since that time postings have reached over 1500! When I first started, I felt as green as the “Green Hornet” but not nearly as confident as the crime-fighter himself.

On Saturday, October 13, 2012, Awakenings’ hits reached the first milestone…10,000 hits. Next came 100,000, then 200,000 and now here I am today celebrating…300,000 and still counting!

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Thank you! for embracing the past, empowering the present, enriching the future of America with each visit to Awakenings! America’s strength lies with each link remaining taut to preserve and carry on her ancestral chain.

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