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Awakenings: Happy Halloween

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The Witching Hours by Micki Peluso, author of “And the Whippoorwill Sang”
A story of the origins of Halloween from olden times up to the present. . .

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After the Storm

To all impacted by the storm’s wrath. . .

After a storm comes a calm.
~Matthew Henry

After the storm the sun still smiles

Easing the sadness across the miles

Helping hands do quickly extend

Working together to heal and mend

Prayer is uplifted for all today

As faith in tomorrow lights the way

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“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.”
~Martin Luther King



Puts a totally new perspective on the day designated as Monday!

A Pondering Mind

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Awakenings: Gateway to America

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The Statue of Liberty celebrated her 100th birthday on October 28, 1986. On that same day in 1886 she was officially accepted by the president of the United States as a gift from the people of France. Read more at Awakenings. . .

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Free Write Friday #7: Abandoned

FreeWriteFridayBadgeKellie’s back! In the midst of the chaos in her life over the last month (or so), and the MIA of FWF, Kellie feels the word desinated below would be perfectly suited for the returning prompt. For those who do not know the events leading up to this week’s prompt, here is a little blurb from Kellie’s blogpost on September 28, 2012:

After the lab tested the materials in our home believed to be asbestos, seems the contractor was mistaken. It tested negative! After five long days away from home, I’m happy to say we will be moving back over the weekend and continuing our remodeling!

Glad to have you back, Kellie♥

Here is the FWF prompt:


  1. (of a person) Having been deserted or cast off.
  2. (of a building or vehicle) Remaining empty or unused; having been left for good.

Here is my contribution:

Picket Fences

The home place is visible in the distance

Fully laden pecan trees line the driveway

The front porch is in dire need of repair

And the picket fence guards the entrance way

Sounds of laughter, children playing can still be heard

“Don’t leave the backyard,” echoes the wind

As visions of scampering little feet

Turn them quickly around again

Gardens of rose buds, camellias in full bloom

Need nurturing and lots of care

Weeds have grown all round the fence

But sweet aromas linger in the air

Remembrances of family gatherings

Held dear and close to the heart

Are renewed with a walk along the fence line

Remaining very clear until time to depart

Smiles from within follow the picket fence

Along the perimeter of the yard

Securing home and gardens

Like an ol’ soldier standing guard

©2009 Remembering
Sharla Lee Shults


Top 20 Earth Pictures found on Stumble Upon | Earth Pictures

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Everybody knows that Stumbleupon is an great source for beautiful photography, nature, pets, arts and much more.

Enjoy the Top 20 Earth Pictures Found on Stumbleupon

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Awakenings: Shootout at the OK Corral

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This Day in History: October 26, 1881

Cowboys, Tombstone and Wyatt Earp were destined to collide and by the spring of 1881, it was apparent they were already on that collision course. The most famous gunfight showdown in history featured thirty shots fired in thirty seconds that left three cowboys dead along with Virgil and Morgan Earp wounded.

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Reblog: Greatpoetrymhf’s Weblog

Sometimes it is not necessary to write a new post; just listen to your followers for their inspiration is what often inspires you!

Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog


Do you ever wonder at the miracle of you?

Think about all the joys, 

 the struggles, the laughter,

and the lessons you have  been through.

You are a miracle.

A bright and shining star.

Now you share your joys and lessons with others.

I love you as you are. 

You teach me so much laughter

You share your strength time and again.

I love the way you talk about dancing in the the rain.

Do you ever wonder at the miracle of you?

I have seen your beauty at  least a thousand times….

You are a miracle to me….in all you say and do. 

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Reblog from brucelouisdodson:

We probably have all at some point in time gone through a move to a new location or perhaps many moves. Some of these with and some without pets. For those who have moved with pets, how often have you truly thought about the ‘thoughts’ of your pet during this time? You know, it can actually be very traumatic.

“With their qualities of cleanliness, discretion, affection, patience, dignity, and courage, how many of us, I ask you, would be capable of becoming cats?” – Fernand Mery Her Majesty the Cat


                                   A Rainy Day in Seattle

I’ve found a nice warm spot to nap, but it’s a gloomy rainy afternoon and I’m having a bad hair day. It’s been over forty hours since my last grooming and I’ve got a snarl between my shoulders I can’t reach. The woman of the house has been in constant motion, peripatetic the humans would say – running up and down the stairs, taking stuff out of closets and stuffing them in boxes. I’m starting to dream about boxes, they’re everywhere. I’m not even curious about them any more. I just wish they’d stray in the same place for at least a week. Is that too much to ask?

She’s gone past me three times as I write this, last time with a load of laundry. What is her problem with odor? Now what? She’s back again, and with the cursed wind…

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Moving Autumn

Photo Credit: Garden Stop Sign – Rosanne Jordan

STOP! Take a few moments to just sit back, relax and enjoy the Piano Instrumental – Moving Autumn

soothing clear waters
wind magically
amid chatoyant
gems of autumn

Thanks goes to Peggy Strack @Kick Back Moments for sharing this great video on her blog. Peggy is the author of A Stop in the Park, which is quickly gathering nothing but 5-star reviews. After reading her book, I have decided while it does encompass ‘a stop in the park’ it is definitely ‘a stop in the heart’! Highly recommended good reading!


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