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Reblog: Greatpoetrymhf’s Weblog

on October 25, 2012

Sometimes it is not necessary to write a new post; just listen to your followers for their inspiration is what often inspires you!

Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog


Do you ever wonder at the miracle of you?

Think about all the joys, 

 the struggles, the laughter,

and the lessons you have  been through.

You are a miracle.

A bright and shining star.

Now you share your joys and lessons with others.

I love you as you are. 

You teach me so much laughter

You share your strength time and again.

I love the way you talk about dancing in the the rain.

Do you ever wonder at the miracle of you?

I have seen your beauty at  least a thousand times….

You are a miracle to me….in all you say and do. 

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4 responses to “Reblog: Greatpoetrymhf’s Weblog

  1. bldodson says:

    Wow! Great illustration! Brilliant!

  2. Micki Peluso says:

    Adorable picture and lovely poem!!

  3. enchanting picture as well as words, Sharla

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