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Hands in my life

What a wonderful prelude to Mother’s Day! As with all her writings, Mary Helen Ferris strikes our heartstrings releasing innermost melodious chords!

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I watch women’s hands.

I learn from them.

Some hands are open.

Some hands are closed.

Some hands are baking.

Some hands are making

clothes, mending or brand new.

Some hands will always have to “make do.”

Some hands are willing.

Some have no choice.

Some are speaking instruments

For those without voice.

Artwork by Gabriel Corno Gabriel Corno

Grandmother’s hands were cleaning, crocheting, caressing.

With her hands there was no second guessing.

Now there were moments when on a fevered brow

Those hands were healing With a gentle “Hush, now.”

Mother’s hands were gaily saying

“Clean your room, get your books,

get ready for church,

 or come sit near its time for praying”

I wonder as I ponder

looking in the past

Just how wonderful their hands are now.

Now  there are no more chores to do. 

Now   there are only “angel jobs’

and Souls’ to  “pray through” 

Up there is just…

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When you look to the wrong sky–Skye

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ೋღ♥ ღೋ Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. James 4:10

I have tried this dieting thing many times both as a non-Christian and a Christian. Each time I would lose the weight and feel great; but my eyes, throughout and after, were completely on self. I was so focused on Skye that I was not looking to the sky at all; I was definitely not praising God or seeking His help.  I wanted to look good for me and for all those that would be amazed and awed by ME, ME, ME!   Yuck.

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

catnipoflife announces a new blog you need to visit. It is Faith, Food, and Friends by Skye. Skye is very adventurous with this being her third in the blogosphere! She is a very inspirational person, writer of poetry and excellent photographer. Visit her today and let her know catnip sent you! LOL!

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Mystic Songs

My heartfelt thanks to Maxima and all visitors to his site. I greatly appreciate the comments and look forward to new visitors @ catnipoflife and/or Awakenings! Blessings to all with smiles and laughter following you throughout your life’s journey! [One correction to my location – should be Donalsonville, GA.]


Sharla Shults

Beacon Educator Consultant/Facilitator at Beacon Educator
Location:Dothan, Alabama

Written: Maxima

My guest today, poet Sharla Shults has a very impressive, rich, and unique poetic background.  Her verses are composed with beauty and harmony, rising into the beauty of the night sky with universal harmony and stellar qualities. Her poems are as lovely as a bride in white, a lovely spiritual tone , pure and joyful. bringing new life to the meaning of poetry
Let’s listen to what she tell us here…My name is Sharla Shults. I am extremely pleased today to be a  guest of  Maxima. His soulfulwriting is an inspiration of mine so when he extended the invitation,I felt  deeply honored.Thank you, Maxima!

Welcome to my world…You can find me on any given day at my computer with coffee cup, pen and notepad.The coffee gives me that much needed boost of energy plus I just l ove   the taste of coffee. Of course, it all starts in the morning when the aroma of that dark,     rich liquid infiltrates my nostrils even before getting out of bed. (Thank you, Honey!) The pen and pad? Well, even though most of my drafting is on the computer, there are always occasions when a random thought must be written down right then and there within a moment’s notice before it becomes nothing more than a mere fleeting moment.

From mathematician to writer…

Through the years leading up to the publication of my first book in 2004, I never envisioned myself as a writer. I was a loving wife and mother devoted to family (still that today!), mathematician and educator, content on teaching and working in various arenas with youth in middle and high school.I enjoyed writing little poetic notes and wrote my first poemto my husband (Jim) on his birthday in 2004.

That was the beginning! From there, I began to challenge my students: creating curriculum that went outside the basic equation into the realm of creativity. Have you ever been given a poetic math challenge? My students were given just that: a challenge where imagination  reigned and creativity soared. As a result of that unusual beginning, I am now on the   verge of publishing my third book..WOW! Number three! As I look back to my writing’s inspection .                                                                 …

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A very special poem from Len Carver depicting the true essence of the catnipoflife! Thank you, Len, for your inspiring message.


Do you hear the music of the world around you?

Hear the crashing CYMBALS of the thunder
music of a raindrop as the clouds begin to weep?

A snowflake as it descends to earth?
Ivory keys fading to-night shades slush
Building to the crescendo of many PIANO keys

Smell the roses as they bud
to the unfurling as they bloom
Emitting scent of exotic perfume
A soulful sound of many VIOLINS

Hear the sound of butterfly wings?
The music of little fluttery things
music of HARP’s gentle strings

Hear the whisper of the trees
as the wind blows soft breath
Through the rustling leaves
Echoing softly …CELLO

Listen close if only to hear  music for
Lovers as they begin to swirl and twirl
in a dance of their beating hearts
like  passion of SPANISH GUITARS

Hear orchestration of earths symphony
Walk quietly with open mind and ears
Let sounds of…

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Raani York warms our hearts with her poetic words offering comfort of Angel Wings.


Warning … Strange Virus Signaled on Computers!! – LOL

A bit of catnip humor to end the day!

Ralphie´s Portal

From Kattenmutsen:


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What’s In A Name

It is most fitting to follow the reblog of yesterday with Bob’s posting of today. The cubs names are most unusual but of course, I am not from Zimbabwe nor do I speak Swahili! Thanks to Bob for not only sharing the cubs new names but a bit of information as to their origins.


Design for Cats

Do we spoil our cats or what?!. I would say spoiling is putting it mildly. Feline owners are definitely slaves to the cat!



Bob Mielke is an awesome photographer! He visits the Portland, Oregon zoo regularly. In fact, many of the animals have become so accustomed to his camera they actually pose. Right, Bob?



Animals that are masters of disguise (camouflage) – Part 1

“Arlen Shahverdyan. Author’s Blog” has outdone himself this time. What a challenge! Within each photograph is an animal that is a master of disguise. See if you can find them all. Some are harder to spot than others, especially the Snow Leopard and possibly the spider. Arlen ensures us the photographs are real and natural, not photoshopped!

NOTE: Remember Arlen is Armenian but he includes the English translation on his blog!


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