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After the Storm

on October 30, 2012

To all impacted by the storm’s wrath. . .

After a storm comes a calm.
~Matthew Henry

After the storm the sun still smiles

Easing the sadness across the miles

Helping hands do quickly extend

Working together to heal and mend

Prayer is uplifted for all today

As faith in tomorrow lights the way

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“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.”
~Martin Luther King

22 responses to “After the Storm

  1. Jon Magee says:

    Three words: THERE IS HOPE!!

    For those in the storm, or with families in the storm, I continue to pray for you.

  2. Alastair says:

    As Katy Perry sings in Firework … After a hurricane comes a rainbow.

  3. Lord, we thank you for those who have been preserved, that their lives are precious in your sight. We thank you that material things can be replaced, human life cannot. We thank you that no one else loses his/her lives as a result of the aftermath of the storm. We thank you that the officials and leadership who listened to the counsel of many individuals made the right decisions. We thank you for wise leadership to continue throughout the aftermath, clean-up and future planning to avoid such devastation. Thank you Lord that those areas impacted learn what to do to better protect themselves and make adjustments, never taking warnings lightly. Thank you Lord.

  4. Teepee12 says:

    Great minds think alike … because the storm is over here. We didn’t get badly hit. I am grateful.

  5. Aditya says:

    My prayers are always with the victims. Your lines are so soothing, I hope the same is carried forward to them. Very nicely written and I pray for peace!


  6. Taylor says:

    Sharla….you have a lovely soul. Simply beautiful.

    Sent from my iPad

  7. Mark says:

    Love it, simple and often through the storm is the only way.

  8. LOvely words, Sharla and loved Martin Luther KIng’s quote – life without hope would be indescribable

  9. Micki Peluso says:

    ower has been out and my small generator only keeps our fridge, my tenant’s and my next door neighbors fridges going plus a lamp or two. Verizon has been down so cell phone and regular phones are out for 500,000 of the 600,000 living on Staten Island. Oddly, God has blessed us with some power coming on and off sporadically. Please pray for our dead.We are hearing horror stories–one woman put her 2 and 6 yr old into the car and tried to drive down a flooded river. She got out of the car to get something in the truck, was swept away by a huge surge and then the wave took the car with the two little boys–Police are searching the marshes but the water would be over the cars. Please ask God to let them be found safe.

    My son-in-law, a search and rescue cop on disability was called out to supervise operations and put on a wet suit and pulled a 14 yr-old girl out of the water but could not resuscitate her.He was able to pull 13 others to safety.. A friend of our family found his two brothers dead in their house–drowned..Houses along the coast are just gone as if never there. The famous restaurant where my son, Michael is head chef was mostly washed out to sea and the harbor and dock destroyed completely. Staten Island has never been hit like this in recorded history and Jersey and the five boroughs are as bad or worse. God was good to my family and we are safe. My little generator is hooked to my gas lines so I won’t have to stand in the massive long lines to get gas. Trees are blocking streets and have knocked down power lines–Halloween is canceled due to the danger of live wires everywhere. Full power is not expected for five more days and by then water will be short and food and may not be in stores unspoiled. sewer water is a big worry for diseases and the possibility of contaminating our drinking water.

    We were lucky that it didn’t hover and rain hard as predicted or we would have been demolished.It was the high tide–24 foot surges that did the most of the damage. Siding and roofs are ripped off house but mine is safe. All power went out in my neighborhood except for my house and the one attached to me–again, we were so lucky and not one thing on our deck was lifted up or blown or tossed about.

    Please forward this to all groups for me as I have 400 e-mails which will knock out and crash AOL if I don’t delete them quickly. I may lose power off and on for 5-7 days and my PC is not working because I have Verizon fios and the Verizon cell tower was hit–same for cell phones. Regular phones are only working once in a while so I can’t call out–sometimes I get an incoming call-not often.

    But my loved ones are safe–I am only brokenhearted for those lost, especially the young children. This in the monster storm that NY has been expecting for several years. It turned into a tropical storm and merged with a no’easter, but cause as much damage as a category 4 hurricane. We know now that a category 5 hurricane will most likely wipe us off the face of the map if we ever get hit by one–not likely but the catastrophic earth events are escalating.

  10. Trish says:

    Thank so much for letting us know, Micki. So Glad you’re safe.

  11. Micki, I’ll continue to send up prayers for those in your area and, Sharla, your blog posts are always so beautiful!

  12. Martha Love says:

    Micki, just know that you and your family are in all our hearts and we send you love every day!

  13. Martha Love says:

    Dear Micki,
    I am not sure my first message got through so I will say it again as it is something I could say to you every minute:
    Our hearts are with you and your family and we send you our love every day, every hour, at all times during this time of stress and recovery.
    Martha Love

  14. R.L. Cherry says:

    I am glad to hear you all survived. Although most of us ( I include myself here) focus on things, people are what matter. Thank God you all came through. It’ll very hard, but thankfully it was not as bad as predicted. Continued prayers will be with you in the difficult and trying times ahead.

  15. I am so lifted by your post, and also saddened by the hardships many have endured…but though the Lord we know we can rise again. As i open my eyes this morning and find myself illuminated by the radiance of the poem you shared i am reminded that we are still here and able to praise God. There were many who passed in the storm into His embracing arms! i pray for them fervently. Thanks for the inspiring poem, and may God continue to bless all who encounter hardship as a result of the storm! God bless everyone and you Sharla, my sister!!

  16. Micki,

    I am praying for you!!! Louise!!

  17. linniescorner says:

    As I communicated via email to you MIcki, I believe that God singled you out for a miracle when he spared you so conspicuously in this storm. The fact that your house stood, virtually untouched, amid destruction on either side, is evidence enough for me. Perhaps He felt that you have had enough tragedy in your lifetime and decided that you were due for a break.

    Always beware the storm with a gentle name! Who knew that a storm named ‘Sandy’ would be so cruel.

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  19. […] To all impacted by the storm’s wrath. . . After the storm the sun still smiles Easing the sadness across the miles Helping hands do quickly extend Working together to heal and mend Prayer is …  […]

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