Observe life at its best, Listen to life’s songs, Embrace life’s bounties, Breathe the breath of life, Savor life to its fullest!


On any given day, inspiration is gathered from a multitude of sources. Sometimes it is simply a matter of letting imagination run wild. Like stepping back in time to days of innocence, practical jokes, and of course, stupid things experienced as a kid that ignite memory after memory. After all, we were super-powers! Playing hard (outside nonetheless!), improvising, laughing often and getting hugged every time we skinned our knees. Imagination, that’s the name of the game.


Then, there is Mother Nature. Driving forces of the randomness and spontaneity of nature result in breath-taking changes…we just must be patient but always on the alert. Winter ice melting in the warmth of noonday sun, a wisp of wind whispering softly or raindrops pounding on a tin roof ignite different sensations. A tree appears dead but by looking close enough specks of new life emerge on its once seemingly naked limbs. There is a sense of magic about nature making even dead things come to life.


Ever been jolted by the sights and sounds of a shopping mall? Step into any one of the many shops, stop, look, listen for anything that might appear new, something perhaps that has been there all along but gone completely unnoticed…until now! The malls of the 21st century go far beyond a few department stores. Ride the carousel. Step back in time. How surprising one would pay someone a nickel to ride a wooden horse in circles all day!  If only the busy buzzing sounds could be wrapped in a bundle to be released later. Yet, if it were too quiet, think of all the inspiration that would be missed.


There is something to be said about time alone on one hand – solitude, and being with friends – companionship on the other. Each have ways of inspiring thoughts, attitudes and deeds. Solitude brings on relaxation, a time for the mind to rest. Companionship invites sharing, bringing into the open old and new ideas. A lot can be learned from the natural quietness of solitude, as well as the open sharing of companionship.


Lastly, there is adventure…going where you’ve never been before, doing that which you have never done, at least trying anyway! You may win, you may lose, you may feel happy, you may feel despair. The excitement alone gets adrenaline pumping! Doing the same-o same-o day in and day out can become monotonous causing thought processes to become stale and stagnant. Aren’t you hungry? Feed yourself outside the life of daily routines…digest new ideas through creative adventure!


Where do you gather inspiration?

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