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Ode to the Willow Tree

This morning my husband and I marvel at the sights of new budding in our midst: Tiny white blossoms emerging on the pear tree, the azalias bursting forth in colors of pink, white, red, purple, lavender, and bicolor, the flowering dogwoods exploiting their magnificence, and the new crepe myrtles exhibiting signs of their very first spring. Yet, I don’t think any are any more magnificent than that of the weeping willow.

     Only a few days ago what seemed to be only barren limbs, striped and naked from the winter, now launch the weeping willow’s cascading essence with sweeping, low branches beginning to droop toward the earth.

           Its pendulous canopy is nothing more than the epitomy of grace.

     Thus sparked my . . .

de to the Willow Tree

Oh thou lovely willow tree
Why is it you weep?
Is it raindrops dancing
On each tiny leaf?

Like encircling curtains
Pendulous branches fall
Cascading slender leaves
Extend outward and sprawl

Oh thou graceful beauty
Why do you so weep?
Are your branches heavy
From secrets you keep?

Myths and sorcery
Envelop your past
Many a love spell
Romances have cast

Oh thou soothing sight
Why is it you weep?
Are your limbs lonely
For someone to keep?

A haven of comfort
You offer each a place
Who venture underneath
For your wispy embrace

Oh thou willow tree
I know why you weep
Your tears are healing
So I peacefully sleep

©2012 catnipoflife
Sharla Lee Shults

“Where there is a gracious heart, there is a weeping eye.”
—Mathew Henry (1662-1714)

Amid the pelting summer rains, the willow tree’s beauty never wanes.


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