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Free Write Friday #6: Welcome to Kindergarten

on September 1, 2012


#FWF Free Write Friday; Welcome to Kindergarten

Since I was late last week posting my Free Write Friday contribution this one has come rather quickly. Kellie Elmore welcomes her readers and contributors back to Free Write Friday with an invitation for a trip! This one may be the shortest of mine and perhaps the shortest of anyone who contributes their story. For my kindergarten experience was a very, I mean VERY, short experience. Of course, if I decide to write it poetically, it just may take more than a line or two. Here goes my story. . .

#FWF Free Write FridayLet’s go on a little trip…to your first day of school!

Going to school…
What an exciting thought
A new box of crayons
Mama smilingly bought

All giddy and excited
Hair braided, not curled
A cute little sundress
Mama carefully unfurled

Daddy was off to work
As the normal rule
For he was principal
Of the elementary school

That made education
A must in our house
Being a good girl
Quiet as a mouse

Mama took me by the hand
Led me to the car
It was only a few blocks
See, not very far

We drove along the road
I smiled the whole while
Thinking the entire time
This is the longest mile

She stopped at the curb
Hugged me tight as could be
Told me to be good
Said she’d see me at three

Don’t remember what took place
That made me so sad
I cried and I cried
All the tears I had

Standing on the sidewalk
When Mama appeared
Face red and swollen
I had nothing to be cheered

She hugged me tight
Tight as could be
With tears in her eyes
She fell to her knee

I’ll never forget
The sadness in her face
As she vowed I would never
Go back to that place


What memory do you have of your first day in kindergarten?

23 responses to “Free Write Friday #6: Welcome to Kindergarten

  1. Mondrak says:

    I don’t remember my first day of play school (our version of kindergarten) as I started there over 40 years ago. I do remember one day though, there were eight or nine of us chasing one of the leaders around. She (I think it was a she) was pretending to be frightened and we were all monsters and we chased her out of one door, around the playground and into the other door. I have no idea how old I was then though. Somewhere between three and six

    • catnipoflife says:

      At least you have a good memory! I have no recollection whatsoever what happened that was so devastating. My parents, as well as I, feared how I might react when first grade came around. Totally different story and it was great. Loved school! Of course, my daddy being the principal may have had some bearing on my experiences! LOL:>)

  2. Peggy Strack says:

    I don’t quite remember my first day of kindergarten, but I’ve been told that I was so shy, I didn’t speak for the first half of the year. Oh how things have changed. Great poem, Sharla!

  3. Love this and at least you didn’ have to go back ((hugs))

  4. I have no memories at all prior to junior high, so I obviously must have some missing neural connections, but I love your poem!

  5. Never went to kindergarten, so have no idea what the heck it was all about.

  6. A familiar story for so many. Nice write, Sharla!

  7. Teepee12 says:

    I’m going to give it whirl. Later, though. After dinner 🙂

  8. Lovely poem,,brought back the anguish of childhood which can never be communicated when you’re in the middle of it!… MY first day I remember I started with my younger sister, having been kept back to play with her, I presume. Anyway, I remember this huge teacher swinging my tiny blue eyed sister up in the air, saying ” what a little Topsy”, and then turning to me and telling me what everyone had always said as long as I could remember ” You’ll have to look after her”!!!

  9. Raani York says:

    I like the poem! But my first memory of Kindergarden is horrible… Uhm… I shouldn’t think back… *sigh*

  10. I know it’s Tuesday but I’m sure I didn’t follow directions very well in kindergarten. Actually I’m sure of it. Just last week, I sat in class and the instructor specially asked for a summary with no more than three words. After I repeated mine, he counted on his fingers and looked at me…”that’s six,” he said. Anyway…kindergarten… the kids teased me with the nickname cat eyes/four eyes. My glasses were light blue and shaped like eyes. Another memory is coming home from school and telling my mother I was white. I turned the palm of my hand over and said see, I’m white. Amazing, decades later I used this same memory in a essay titled “Brown Like Me.” Thanks for allowing for the memories.

  11. […] #FWF Free Write Friday; Welcome to Kindergarten Since I was late last week posting my Free Write Friday contribution this one has come rather quickly. Kellie Elmore welcomes her readers and contrib…  […]

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