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Awakenings: Three Shots Fired

on November 22, 2012

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“The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission.” ~John F. Kennedy

November 22, 2012 brings with it the joys of Thanksgiving and also its share of sadness. As we embrace the past, one of the most shocking events in our nation’s history ocurred on November 22, 1963.

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8 responses to “Awakenings: Three Shots Fired

  1. Micki Peluso says:

    Like most American’s I remember the weather that day and exactly what I was doing–I’ll never forget it

  2. And not just Americans. I think everyone in the world that day remembers where they were, and how they heard it….
    I was pregnant, living in Salisbury UK and my husband came rushing in from work and said Kennedy’s been shot, and switched on the wireless. I was about to downplay it, when the daily programme of the Archers, a farming serial was interrupted to tell us that the President had died.. It was 7.20 pm.

  3. Just watched the film again. It breaks my heart still.

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