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Free Write Friday #12: Word Bank

on December 15, 2012

Today has been a day of agony. . .a day of grief. . .a day without warning. For Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday this week, she has chosen a word bank that without hesitation reflects on the horrific events of this day.


bewitched – agony – awe – dismay – jaded – enamored – sacred – nirvana – fury

Feelings & Emotions


The agony felt today
Is in no way easily expressed
Lives of innocent children taken
Left families torn and distressed

Is life no longer sacred?
Are we no longer impressed
By life’s awe and glory
Instead lonely and depressed?

A day etched with dismay
Forbids whispers of nirvana
Unwanted raging tears
Abandon joyful persona

Life’s jaded texture
Neither bewitched nor enamored
Resolved destiny’s fury
On a day forever remembered

©2012 catnipoflife
Sharla Lee Shults

Candle for Connecticut. In Memory.

It only takes a split second, a fleeting moment for lives to be forever changed. Hold on to every second, cherish the moment, for all too quickly it shall pass. Got something to say, say it! Want to give someone a hug, give it! Need to pay someone a visit, do it! Do NOT hesitate!

My heart bleeds for the families, friends and loved ones of those whose lives were taken so abruptly in a moment of someone’s sheer madness. So many questions, so few answers for those whose lives have been shattered. Please hold them dear to your heart with prayer to offer comfort in this hour of such dire need.

15 responses to “Free Write Friday #12: Word Bank

  1. […] Today has been a day of agony. . .a day of grief. . .a day without warning. For Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday this week, she has chosen a word bank that without hesitation reflects on the…  […]

  2. aquaverse says:

    I gathered lead that missed its target
    fallen like an early season hailstorm
    that, it being just over freezing,
    left memorable chunks unmelted.

    oh, that one’s glass not lead
    did a concentric heart hang there
    or maybe origami in math class
    is a mural out of balance

    the shatter pattern a heavy
    glass howl with teeth splayed
    is that grief’s scream, collective cry
    or the crazed life of the shooter

    the black ones act out, go to jail
    the white ones take twenty children, shrieking

    • catnipoflife says:

      Found this buried waiting approval…thank you for stopping by and especially for leaving such insightful words. Whatever the situation or unimaginable reason, the children should never fall prey to such horrific acts.

  3. So touching. ♥ I am just numb from it all. Those poor parents. 😦 Thank you for taking time to write and for the tribute to them.

  4. Diane says:

    Absolutely horrifying. Horrifying. I can’t find the words . . .

  5. This event today leaves us numb. Our future in these children is lost forever because of that split second. This evil act and the innocense was stolen forever from those children left behind. Sharla, thank you for acting quickly and writing this tribute. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those families grieving and for the town.

  6. Alastair says:

    I’ve not been “liking” blogs about this as it doesn’t seem right, but what you have done in memory of this, I do like

  7. lgyslaine says:

    I have no words, but I pray for them

  8. cjanasdreams says:

    Very well said, we will all pray for peace, and tranquility in a world divided by irrational behaviors. May God bless all.

  9. Pat Cegan says:

    Powerful, caring. Beautiful. hugs, pat

  10. Raani York says:

    This is very touching. Thank you for sharing it Sharla!

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