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Awakenings: Terror in America

on April 16, 2013

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Patriot’s Day, April 15, 2013, will be long remembered not only for its significance as a civic holiday, uniquely a New England holiday, but for the tragic terrorist bombings that occurred in Boston, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, this is not the first of such horrific events to occur on this important day in history… Read MORE @Awakenings.

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

A prayerful moment…

Take a moment to lift your heart in thoughtful prayer for those injured and for the families of those whose lives were lost as a result of this terrible tragedy. Their plight is one of both emotional and physical trauma. Events of today changed their lives forever!

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10 responses to “Awakenings: Terror in America

  1. mallie1025 says:

    Lord, let the prayers of the faithful overcome the evil that walks the face of the earth. Have mercy on the tainted souls who did this horrific deed this day, as I cannot yet find it in my own heart to forgive them. Send the Holy Spirit to console the injured and comfort those who lost loved ones in this–another day of infamy.

  2. Teepee12 says:

    A bunch of craven cowards, whoever they are. They’ve stolen our holiday, our marathon and our freedom to enjoy public celebration.

  3. seetarn says:

    Hey sharla, woke up to the news as well, sorry to hear about that…well be it India, or elsewhere, terrorist have always proved one point, that they can strike only out of their cowardice, and there is nothing that can justify any killings, for whatever reason whatsoever…It is shameful, how these people feel strengthened each time they kill a soul..I just feel like pitying them, for one life taken, is a million lives the soul has to torment to fulfill the penance….God Bless the Souls of the ones passed away to this tragic and never ending menace and may their soul rest in peace…between, just wrote a post about women this morning, would love for you to stop by..Take care dear…

  4. lgyslaine says:

    I don’t looked at my TV yesterday night and i just learned that. I pray for them

  5. I’m saddened by the injuries and loss of life. We live in a world of constant pain it seems like sometimes.

  6. Another American tragedy. Heartbreaking……….

  7. I’m afraid this tragedy will bring out the Islamaphobes and the TEA Party loons who are already a quasi-White supremacist group.

  8. Raani York says:

    This is a very thoughtful and special blog post, Sharla.

  9. cjanasdreams says:

    This will bring out every activist group possible. It has me worried as I have a book signing Friday at a huge event. Now people will wonder if they should leave their homes. It is a sad in our countries history when families can’t enjoy an outing and participate together. May God Bless all who were in Boston and there families. i ask that the Lord Shows us the way to eternal peace. I am old. My body is tired , my heart is aching and soul wants to be at peace knowing the future is safe.

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