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Flora ’n’ Fauna

on September 30, 2013

catnipoflife is honored to feature more of Barb Beacham’s photography from Life in the Foothills. Barb has been recognized as one of catnip’s featured photographers on You have but one life, LIVE it! and Twilight.

Thank you, Barb, for sharing your awesome photography!


Flora ’n’ Fauna


Splendiferous, copious forests
Mark territorial landscapes
Where impressive oaks and lofty pines
Show off their stout and woody shapes


Desert plants and wildflowers
Adapt to extreme heat and aridity
Fierce, wild, red-to-orange and white
Emerge the cactus and desert chicory


The ubiquitous howling coyote
Announces its presence at night
Truly a song out of the fierce Wild West
Instead of a cause for sheer fright


Deciduous trees and shrubs
Common to most habitats
Shed their dry leaves in autumn
Forming nature’s welcome mats


Crackling sticks, dry leaves underfoot
Announce squirrels, rabbits and such
Deep in the woods silence is broken
As gunshot startles a strong buck


The nervous pristine white-tailed deer
Tan in the summer, brown in winter
Once statuesque at early dawn
Now suddenly becomes a sprinter


Stopping to rub antlers on a tree
The deer looks warily ahead
Time for a rest by a babbling brook
For a few shrubs and nature’s bed

Sharla Lee Shults

As a matter of fact, an ordinary desert supports a much greater variety of plants than does either a forest or a prairie.

—Ellsworth Huntington (Yale University professor, 1876–1947)

22 responses to “Flora ’n’ Fauna

  1. Teepee12 says:

    Great wildlife photos and well matched with your lovely verse. I never seem to have a camera when the wild things appear.

  2. utesmile says:

    Wonderfully put together!

  3. What lovely pictures! That is a beautiful poem, too.

  4. Al says:

    Such a sweet post

  5. Raani York says:

    Stunning pictures! Really beautiful!! And I love the poems too.

  6. Micki Peluso says:

    Stunning photography–thanks for sharing.

  7. babso2you says:

    Many thanks to all for the compliments on my photography! Sharla’s poetry just seems to pull these photos right out of my portfolio as I can see the images when I read her words! I love this poem Sharla and thank you for once again asking me to collaborate with you! Hugs my friend, and be well! – B

  8. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    What a beautiful post! This is just lovely 🙂

  9. babso2you says:

    Reblogged this on Life in the Foothills and commented:
    Sharla Shults of CatnipOfLife, once again asked me to collaborate with her. My photographs and her poetry! I hope that you will enjoy what we both put together again! Thanks again Sharla for this opportunity and big hugs!

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