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Awakenings: The Bull & The Bully

on October 28, 2013

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October is anti-bullying month. A classification that certainly implies bullying is of concern. Is it? Is bullying a dynamic issue? Unfortunately, YES! Is it limited to pushing someone into a fight? NO! What about age? UNLIMITED! Where does bullying occur? EVERYWHERE!

A young hoodlum revels in making the lives of others truly miserable. Why? What lies at the core of a bully? Insecurity, anger, frustration, abuse, wannabe, cowardice, just plain meanness? None of these, all of these? There are a plethora of possibilities BUT none excusable.

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

Go to Awakenings and meet Author Dr. Cherrye Vasquez. Cherrye shares two powerful video poems that provide insight into the bully-ee and the child bully.

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6 responses to “Awakenings: The Bull & The Bully

  1. Teepee12 says:

    In the end, we make decision about what and who we want to be. Plenty of good people come from horrible homes … and vice versa. There ARE no excuses. That’s what free will is about.

    • catnipoflife says:

      I hope you go to Awakenings and watch the two short videos. Cherrye really did a GREAT job getting the points across about both sides of the fence! Bottom line, however, is “There are a plethora of circumstances BUT none excusable.”

  2. bobmielke says:

    The proliferation of bullies and bullying in our times perplexes me. If there was a bully in our school he didn’t last long because we just grabbed a few friends and beat the crap out of him. End of problem. I think there are so many bullies now because parents aren’t raising kids, babysitters and daycare workers are. They’re not permitted to discipline children. Shoot, even parents aren’t permitted to discipline their own kids. If a stranger calls police that a parent is correcting their child they face jail time. Spare the rod, spoil the child. We have a lot of spoiled bullies out there. Friends unite. We can take care of this problem without the law or some goodie twoshoes butting in.

  3. […] Awakenings: The Bull & The Bully ( […]

  4. Raani York says:

    I have been bullied in my last job… and I had a boss who I trusted – and who left me alone… It’s the past – long gone… but still… sometimes I think back and I’m asking myself… if I hadn’t kept control. What if I had burst out in anger and rage – only once?
    I knew I needed to control myself since permitting me to explode in anger and physically defend myself would only had me deeply in trouble – and two co-employees and bullies – in an ambulance rushed to the hospital.
    No denial, for a moment – for a tiny moment it would have felt good.
    What would I do different now? – Very simple, I NEVER EVER again permit anyone to make me suffer like this anymore. I’d be leaving earlier.

  5. toad (chris jensen) says:

    Interesting subject (free-will) don’t you think, about this, when does it start?

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