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Last Hour of Daylight

on November 9, 2013


The last hour of daylight
Reflects the golden hour
Moments before twilight
Engulfs every flower

Squirrels no longer scamper
Searching for food to store
Birds rest in nearby brambles
Along Nature’s floor

Creatures of the night
Come out to eat and play
Such nocturnal partyers
Sleep through the light of day

  Along the horizon
Silhouettes claim the view
Floating as in limbo
Within the blackening hue

Somewhere in the distance
A soft whisper is heard
Sigh of contentment
The one and only word


CatnipLogoSm©2013 catnipoflife
Sharla Lee Shults

3 responses to “Last Hour of Daylight

  1. […] The last hour of daylightReflects the golden hourMoments before twilightEngulfs every flower Squirrels no longer scamperSearching for food to storeBirds rest in nearby bramblesAlong Nature's floor…  […]

  2. says:

    Dear Sharla, This is such a beautiful poem. It is such a gift to shape ordinary words into exquisite verse. You truly have the gift. Hugs, Mary Firmin.

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  3. joseyphina says:

    hi Sharla, you’ve been nominated for the blog of the year award so please visit my site for the detaisl

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