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Awakenings: And the music goes on…The 21st Century

on January 14, 2014

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As we enter the 21st century, many songs from the 50s all the way through the 90s are still popular. Of course, it was by way of the 20s, 30s and 40s that music has evolved into a passion relative to survival as many listeners would so declare today.  Look at the plethora of choices available for listening pleasure, dancing, rapping, or simply relaxing: contemporary music, popular music, traditional music, hip hop music, country music. Each decade has offered its own unique genres of music.

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Sharla Shults‘s insight:

To quote Bob Dylan “I don’t know anybody who’s made a record that sounds decent in the past 20 years, really. You listen to these modern records, they’re atrocious, they have sound all over them. There’s no definition of nothing, no vocal, no nothing, just like … static….”

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3 responses to “Awakenings: And the music goes on…The 21st Century

  1. Good music lives long and prospers. I think that’s how we know it’s good 🙂 Thanks you for this lovely post.

  2. bobmielke says:

    I was a fine arts major in college. I learned to appreciate the music of the masters like , Mozart, beethoven, Brahms and Bach. The reason being that they primarily created pure music, for instruments. There are plenty of exceptions of course as a lot of the master were commissioned by the Roman Catholic Church that included people singing.

    While studying music appreciation during my degree courses one of the modern writer of popular music was being studied as top notch pure music, The Beatles.

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