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Awakenings: The Facebook Time Machine

on February 1, 2014

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I posted an article earlier today about Wintertime vs. Winter Time. Not long afterward I discovered a site via @Sharla Shults that fits the topic of time perfectly. Facebook will celebrate its 10th birthday next month. It has become a worldwide phenomenon where some people feel it is as much a necessity as breathing. While it does have it merits (maybe a few), not sure it is really all that important. My opinion, of course.

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

Facebook, you just may have to go bye-bye! Life is too short and time too precious to wile it away for … really, what purpose? 

Check it out for yourself…then, be your own judge!

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2 responses to “Awakenings: The Facebook Time Machine

  1. I think of it as another way to keep in touch with people, but not a substitute for REALLY keeping in touch.

  2. Raani York says:

    It is a convenient way of staying in touch with friends and family all OVER THE WORLD like in my world…
    When living on two continents FB is a gift.

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