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Awakenings: Titanic – Day 5: Tragedy Strikes

on April 15, 2014

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The unthinkable happened. The unimaginable occurred. At 2:20 am (2 hrs 40 mins after striking the iceberg), the ocean vessel once deemed unsinkable leaves around 1,517 souls in the depths of her final wake. The water in the area in which Titanic sank was lethally cold, a temperature of 28 °F (−2 °C). A human body will perish in fifteen minutes or less in such water, even for people young and physically fit.

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

Thus, the end of the Titanic but not the end of her story.

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2 responses to “Awakenings: Titanic – Day 5: Tragedy Strikes

  1. Raani York says:

    There are still so many secrets accompanying this tragic accident. I think about the poor souls who had been drowning or freezing to death and it makes me sad. I had been thinking about the very few who had been saved – and it was mostly the rich ones… and it makes me angry… but to be honest… there are moments I hear the word “Titanic” and all I can hear is Celine Dion’s voice in my head…

  2. Funny how this story still strikes a chord with so many of us, though we’ve read it and seen it so many times. Something about the big ship going to the bottom that strikes us in the heart.

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