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Awakenings: Are you ready for this?

on April 25, 2014

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Are you ready for this? Today is…


In February, at the beginning of the What’s Happenin’ posts, a comment was made about not being surprised at the crazy things being celebrated. Today is one of them! Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night to a wet mushy feeling as something oozy squishes between your toes? If yes, then you have already been initiated, so GO TO catnip’s sister site AWAKENINGS!

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

OK, all you cat lovers! Bring on the soft, bristled brush and the grooming mitt…purr-r-r-r-r!

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9 responses to “Awakenings: Are you ready for this?

  1. Al says:

    Haha National Hairball Awareness Day haha. Soon there will be a National Awareness For being Aware Of National Awareness Days Day

  2. Sherrie says:

    That’s great…I’ll have to mark that on my calendar 😉 I get double the hairballs (and squishies between my toes) in this house.

  3. RoSy says:

    LOL – I had no idea that there was such a day! 😆

  4. sedge808 says:

    I recently saw a medical program about a person with a huge ‘hair ball’ in their stomach.
    they had to remove it surgically.

  5. Raani York says:

    See? Just what I said before – I missed Earth Day – and I as well missed the National Hairball Awareness day. What a shame!!
    Even more since I figure it was probably one of those days I had been picking up a pretty wet and sloppy hairball from one of my carpets… *chuckle*

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