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For All Writers Out There …Rethink the haibun and haiku!

Penny @TheWhyAboutThis threw out a line this evening complete with bait and hook. I bit! She talks about A writer’s gift – yours! Then presents a challenge surrounding an image prompt. Thank you, Penny, for offering an opportunity to stretch even further wielding the mighty sword of the pen.


My view out the airplane window glimpses cotton candy clouds bringing about nostalgic thoughts when once a child. The fluffy white puffs glide effortlessly against a backdrop of clear blue sky. I see a puppy with its floppy ears and stubby tail much like my little Snookie who lived with us until old age. Hey, there’s Mickey Mouse. Can’t hide those ears, Mickey!

I smile and giggle inside not to disturb any of the other passengers. One lady glances my way with a sneering look that snarls “What are you smiling about?

I would like to tell her what I am smiling about! Life. Love. Laughter. Tears. Sorrow. Happiness in tomorrow. Everything that makes living worthwhile. Helping. Lending. Comforting. Mending.

I look her square in the eye and grin. A Cheshire grin! Then, turn back toward the cotton candy clouds of my imagination.

Clouds glide mid-air
Rippling motions, life emotions
Aping a lazy stream


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