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One Lovely Blog Award #2 and #3

WOW! Not one,but two! When I entered the blogosphere, I never dreamed of acquiring so many wonderful relationships, true friendships, through my writing. What is so amazing is the inspiration I receive on a daily basis through visiting other blogsites, as well as comments left on catnip. Not only do I love to write, I LOVE to read!


Jen Davies, A Writer’s Journey, who has graciously bestowed One Lovely Blog Award to catnipoflife. Jen has an awesome blog and shares about her journey in writing, plus she has some great photos on her site.

Jen Owenby, Jen’s Thoughts, who expresses her thoughts on writing, reading and life. Visits to her site never have me leave without inspiration.

Thank you to both Jens, for this honor which now allows catnip to pay the award forward to other bloggers who offer inspiration on a regular basis.

SECOND, before announcing the nominees, the ‘rules’ begin with my posting seven random facts about myself.

1. My favorite foods: bacon, grits and toast with honey (The honey is NOT store bought!)

2. I love to travel, just don’t get to go as much as I would like.

3. Our children: Scott, April, Nicole, Wendy, Foxie and Boots [Guess which two are the cats. LOL:>)]

4. I enjoy painting as well as writing.

5. My favorite poet: Wendell Brown, aka the One Brown Poet

6. While working at the computer, you can find Boots in my lap on a regular basis!

7. I am a photographer for Voyage en éphémère [Visit my homepage and The Murals of Colquit, GA and The Murals of Colquit, GA #2]

THIRD, as I ponder the list for my nominess, I find some are totally inspiring through the written word while others are solely visual. The world of photography is indeed an art within itself providing insight into the marvelous world around us. Thus, the nominees are


Marbles in my Pocket

Inspiration Import

My Own Heart

Women Making Strides

The London Flower Lover

Marla Martenson

The Why About This

Valerie Davis

Books That Sow


Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler


Free Tag Zone

Don in Massachusetts

AMS Daily

Please leave a comment so I will know you have received notification of the award.


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