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One Lovely Blog Award #2 and #3

on August 11, 2012

WOW! Not one,but two! When I entered the blogosphere, I never dreamed of acquiring so many wonderful relationships, true friendships, through my writing. What is so amazing is the inspiration I receive on a daily basis through visiting other blogsites, as well as comments left on catnip. Not only do I love to write, I LOVE to read!


Jen Davies, A Writer’s Journey, who has graciously bestowed One Lovely Blog Award to catnipoflife. Jen has an awesome blog and shares about her journey in writing, plus she has some great photos on her site.

Jen Owenby, Jen’s Thoughts, who expresses her thoughts on writing, reading and life. Visits to her site never have me leave without inspiration.

Thank you to both Jens, for this honor which now allows catnip to pay the award forward to other bloggers who offer inspiration on a regular basis.

SECOND, before announcing the nominees, the ‘rules’ begin with my posting seven random facts about myself.

1. My favorite foods: bacon, grits and toast with honey (The honey is NOT store bought!)

2. I love to travel, just don’t get to go as much as I would like.

3. Our children: Scott, April, Nicole, Wendy, Foxie and Boots [Guess which two are the cats. LOL:>)]

4. I enjoy painting as well as writing.

5. My favorite poet: Wendell Brown, aka the One Brown Poet

6. While working at the computer, you can find Boots in my lap on a regular basis!

7. I am a photographer for Voyage en éphémère [Visit my homepage and The Murals of Colquit, GA and The Murals of Colquit, GA #2]

THIRD, as I ponder the list for my nominess, I find some are totally inspiring through the written word while others are solely visual. The world of photography is indeed an art within itself providing insight into the marvelous world around us. Thus, the nominees are


Marbles in my Pocket

Inspiration Import

My Own Heart

Women Making Strides

The London Flower Lover

Marla Martenson

The Why About This

Valerie Davis

Books That Sow


Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler


Free Tag Zone

Don in Massachusetts

AMS Daily

Please leave a comment so I will know you have received notification of the award.

34 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award #2 and #3

  1. Susan says:

    Sharla, I’m grateful and happy for your nomination of http:\\ for the One Lovely Blog award. What a boost for a new blogger! Thank you, thank you.

  2. How exciting, thanks so much for the nomination, what a surprise!! I love your blog.

  3. pennycoho says:

    Congratulations on your 2nd and 3rd lovely blogger’s award (love the cat) and thank you very much for your nomination. I appreciate your thinking of me for this honor. I agree with the others you do have a great blog. Have sunny thoughts today (no wait that’s the sunshine award) Have lovely lovely thoughts today my friend, thank you again my nomination! 🙂

  4. Mondrak says:

    Congratulations for the awards on your fantastic blog.

  5. lol This was my last check for any comment notification before going to bed… well, now I’ll surely have a good night sleep. 😀

    Thank you so so much, Sharla, for considering me worthy of this wonderful award. It means a lot! And since it’s up for Inspiring blogs, I’m really truly motivated. And congratulations to you, too! You absolutely deserve it.

    Have an inspired day! 🙂

    • catnip says:

      Cool! Hope you have a restful night’s sleep! Looking forward to your next post:>)

      • I had been waiting to put this up. Thanks so much, Sharla, for the honor! 🙂

      • catnipoflife says:

        I am overwhelmed with the recognition you bestowed upon catnip! Being relatively new to the blogging world, I never anticipated so many doors and windows of inspiration to open. I, too, keep my camera close at hand, expecially with my new venture with Voyage en éphémère out of Belgium. BTW I just started following you on Twitter. I am @awakenings 2012. Have a most blessed day!

  6. Congratulations Sharla!
    And thank you twice, first to be one great member of our “Voyage en éphémère” (and, please, don’t forget the old man!) and second for the nomination of our Free Tag Zone (you know how much we worked hard, days AND nights “pour redonner à l’art éphémère toutes ses lettres de noblesse”).
    Keep in touch!

    • catnip says:

      Hi, Eric! You are MOST deserving, my ‘across the sea’ friend! And, yes, I know about your lo-o-o-ong hours! Sent you a new pic today:>)

      • I see it … sublime rain effect!
        I publish it or you do it by your-self?
        btw, old man still alive?
        PS : many bugs with mails this afternoon … also internet failure (i think i’m gonna work all night long another time!)

      • catnip says:

        I know about the bugs! Been experiencing hackers on Twitter! My sweetie had some bad days last week but hopefully the days to come will be better. We just take it one day at a time:>) Glad you like the pic! You better post it since I am not sure where you want to include it. Still more rain for the next week. Hopefully it will let up soon so I can hit the rode in search of art!

  7. soulmetry says:

    Hi Sharla!! Thank you so much for the nomination!! I am so very glad that you find my writing worth such appreciation. You made my day!! I love to be a part of your life as I read your posts… keep writing!

  8. We agree about the wonderful friendships which emerge in the blogsphere. We feel free to choose to imagine peace and pleasure whenever we make contact with your blog. When you don’t post we are cool, when you post we anticipate something pleasurable. Thank you so much for being our friend.

  9. Thanks so much. I get a little overwhelmed by awards but I am so appreciative of the honour and most of all the opportunity to connect with other amazing bloggers. Les

  10. Congratulations, Sharla, your blog deserves all the awards it gets!

  11. angchronicles says:

    Thanks for the nomination. What a wonderful Saturday delight.

  12. Sharla what an honor for you …you deserve these and many many more . Congratulations !!!
    And THANK YOU for the nomination you just made my month! Wow I am so honored that you would think I am good enough for an award thank you!

  13. Congratulations on your Award.Wishing you lots of happy moments as you blog.Thanks for the warm sentiments and best wishes for the week. Nice meeting you!

  14. kelihasablog says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I do truly appreciate your time! I look forward to coming back to check out yours in more depth as time permits. 😀

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