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It is such an honor to have become a part of a dynamic group of authors who formed a collaborative mission to meet the world through writing: books, video clips, articles, book trailers, blogs, poems, and an assortment of messages. Each author brings a unique collage of expertise within a variety of genres.

With the holiday season right before us, remember, books make great Christmas gifts – fabulous stocking stuffers! Yet keep foremost in mind that a book is a terrific gift for ANY occasion!

When time permits, I invite you to peruse selections of your choice and/or fancy. You will go away amazed at the abundance of selections and information available. So, without further ado – click on this link  and go shopping!

Sharla L. Shults


Free Write Friday #2: The Street I Grew Up On

FreeWriteFridayBadgeIt has been awhile since catnip participated in Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday. When I read the topic for today’s writing, The Street I Grew Up On, I could not let it pass by without a walk down memory lane. As thoughts shifted back and forth in memory, several images passed through my mind. In the poem below I do hope I have captured the essence and sadness of East Fourth Street.

* * * * * * * * * *

East Fourth Street
(Donalsonville, GA)

Similar street in Donaldsonville, LA
(Interesting coincidence in town name)

A narrow street
First began as dirt
Straight as an arrow
Always on alert

Watchful as children
Walked to and fro
Kicking up dust
Without shadow

Bumpy along sides
Longing for rain
Rutted and worn
A rough domain

Through the years
Change remade
What once was dirt
Now was paved

Where once I walked
Now a bike trod
Over gravel and stone
It plod and plod

A quick turn
Slid across stone
Cuts and bruises
No broken bone

Gravel and rock
Did meet its fate
Covering of asphalt
Brought it up-to-date

Lined with oaks
Massive on scene
Intense in beauty
Regal of queen

Forces of nature
Hurling all around
With mighty fury
Ripped the ground

A narrow street
Barren along each side
Bears only ghosts
Where mighty oaks once thrived


“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love,
the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”
~From the television show The Wonder Years


Writing: Gift or Curse?

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Have you ever experienced sleepness nights where you are caught between dreams and reality? Your mind is spinning as thoughts weave in and out filling the crevices of your mind.

Have you ever thought about writing being a curse, as well as a gift? Recently I was contacted by a fellow writer, Ron Lemco. Ron has published a compelling book, Rest Stop, that is scary in a sense because it could happen in real life – in fact, it DID happen. While the language is rough, the way difficult, the result frightening, the way I look at it, it’s life! Reading his book left me with the impression that I might not want to take advantage of the convenient ‘rest stop’ on my next vacation.

He shared with me a writing that definitely got me thinking about the writer’s world being both, a gift and a curse.

by Ron Lemco

A thought about what a person is writing enters into his head.
It becomes a vision and then, like magic, he begins to see a dialog.
He is trying to sleep but words are escalating taking control.

Jumping from his bed he writes notes he needs to contain.
All too often an image is lost and recollection is not the same.
Notes no longer satisfy the thoughts that must be transposed.

After a fix here, a fix there, he climbs back in bed. . .
One thousand words later.

Share your thoughts…have you experienced The Writers’ Curse?


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