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TGIF & The Weekend

While TGIF is a most familiar acronym, has this day always represented the “end” of the work week?

 In today’s society, “weekends” are taken for granted. However, that luxury has not always been recognized. The work week was once Monday through Saturday with work, especially on farms, starting before the sun came up and not ending until sundown. Jobs ‘back in the day’ consisted of positions, such as …

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Echoes from the Past. . .

Remember When

Rock ‘n’ Roll, American Bandstand, the Beetles—
Teenage idols, legends in their own time
Sound and vibrations shook the world
Music made both young and old unwind

James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, J.F.K.—
Icons that ultimately shaped a nation
Lives ended in tragedy
Memories live on in admiration

Jonathan Winters, Bob Hope, Red Skelton—
Stand up comedy in side-splitting form
I Love Lucy resonated clowning around
Hearts remained rosy and warm

Life seemed so much simpler then
Bop Shu Bop Shu Bop, newly waxed gym floors, sock hops
Change was left in your pocket
Enough for drive-in movies, popcorn and soda pops

Remember when life was uncomplicated
Friends hung around to help with life’s collisions
The price of gasoline was under a dollar
Mom and Pop made all the decisions

© 2004
Sharla Lee Shults



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