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Personal Reflection: The Teardrop

on April 24, 2012

hospitalteddybearWhen a loved one is ‘out of sorts’ so to speak, all energies go toward making that one special person feel as comfortable as possible – spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. While endeavoring to meet all of the daily demands and maintain sanity, thoughts of one’s self seem to somehow become insignificant yet that ability to sustain self does not go unnoticed.

This hit me right between the eyes during my stay in the hospital with my husband. He had already been in our small town hospital for almost a week. The chair that did pull out into a small cot offered little or no comfort other than providing me the time and place to be beside him during his most uncomfortable and painful moments. Then, he was transported to a different hospital and to both our surprise was placed in CCU. Of couse, that meant no cot for the night! Thus, the 80-mile round trip landed me home well after midnight. Fortunately, the next day he was transferred to a private room. Problem was it was a very small room and they had to bring in a recliner for him to sleep since he could not lie in the bed account of breathing issues. Therefore, another 80-mile round trip was in the making.

It was the following morning that weakened my knees and brought tears to my eyes. Upon arriving in his room, he commenced to tell me this story. Remember, he is very weak and his mental faculties are not in perfect order because of so much trauma.


“Sweetheart,” he said, ” I tried my best to have roses in the room for you. I wanted them here as soon as you arrived. The nurse just would not cooperate.”

“Roses? For me?” I said quizzically. “I should be sending you flowers. You are the one in the hospital. Don’t be silly,” I smiled.

“No, you don’t understand. I wanted YOU to have the roses for all you have done to take care of me. You are the deserving one, not me,” he replied in a very serious tone. “I asked the nurse to call a taxi and have the driver come up to the room. I was going to ask him to go to the florist and come back with a dozen roses. She laughed at me and said that was against hospital policy. I argued, she won and walked out,” he said poutingly.

I gently kissed him as a teardrop fell softly on his cheek.

11 responses to “Personal Reflection: The Teardrop

  1. kathylashley says:

    What a beautiful story. Your sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed by your husband. What a blessing and how you must have felt. I pray he heals quickly and you get a good night’s sleep.

  2. Claire Cappetta says:

    You must be so relieved to have him back home! Our thoughts were with you 🙂

  3. Micki Peluso says:

    What a beautiful story of unconditional love. Cat, you, as you know, are so lucky to have a caring man like this for a husband and he is equally worthy of a woman like you. May you both have many more years of happiness together.

    all the best,


  4. How touching. Hope he feels better soon and comes home so you both get some rest.

  5. […] When a loved one is ‘out of sorts’ so to speak, all energies go toward making that one special person feel as comfortable as possible – spiritually, mentally, physically and emoti…  […]

  6. catnipoflife says:

    Reblogged this on catnipoflife and commented:

    Not sure if it is proper etiquette to reblog one of your own posts, but today this one seemed most fitting. It has been over a year since the hospital incident referenced here. In fact, almost a year to the day, another incident, much more serious, landed my husband, Jim, in a hospital bed for a month. Now, home for the past two weeks has still presented hardships and catastrophes unexpected.

    He is my life, my soul mate, and continues to capture my heart on a daily basis. Even in times of unimaginable pain, he finds a way to focus on others, not himself. I love this story and I will never forget The Teardrop!

  7. lgyslaine says:

    this is very moving Sharla. God bless you

  8. Micki Peluso says:

    Reading this for the second time as new problems arise almost daily for you and Jim, tears roll down my own face–reading of such unconditional love between two wonderful people. You are both in my prayers and in my heart.

    Love, Micki

  9. Dear Sharla, such a beautiful story , so glad you shared it again with those of us who missed it.
    It sounds as though two lovely people who deserve each other are perfectly matched. I’m so sad for you that your husband is battling illness again this year. Do hope things start to improve for you both

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