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To all Fathers…

Today Sunday, June 19, 2016 is Father’s Day…a day of honor and celebration for our dads and fathers. Not all fathers are dads nor are all dads fathers. Each holds a special place in a child’s, teen’s or adult’s heart. Regardless of the roledad, father or bothnot any one of us could be here without having been fathered. With fatherhood comes a tremendous responsibility encompassing tasks of sharing, caring and preparing for life’s journey.


May this Father’s Day be filled with wondrous blessings that continue through each day of the year! To each of you…A Father’s Day Salute!

 A father’s day is every day
Not just one day of the year
Holding a wee little hand
(day time and nighttime)
Wiping away a tear

It’s faith, hope, love
All rolled into one
Encouragement, patience
(never giving up)
‘Til a task is done

It’s being thankful
Gratitude of heart
Knowing what you need
(when you need it)
Right from the start

It’s together time
The thrill of hearty laughter
 Seeing what you’re going through
(even if it doesn’t show)
The morning of the day after

It’s helping with decisions
Staying taut through outs or ins
Teaching life’s not easy
(taking the right road)
Supporting losses and wins

It’s hurting and being hurt
Holding discipline’s place
Leaving behind a legacy

(not of material ‘things’)
Rewards of saving grace

It’s compassion and comfort
When a hug is all that’s needed
Priceless moments in time

(Teddy Bear hugs)
Quickly and tenderly heeded

It’s shaping, molding
Each life that has begun
Making an investment
(often without return)
‘Til the full course is run

It’s when having to leave
Looking back with pride
Releasing all the tears
(happiness and heartache)
Bottled up inside

©Sharla Lee Shults


Happy 30th Anniversary

30th-AnniversaryJuly 10, 1984 – July 10, 2014

So many places yet to see, so much yet too be done

One thing for sure…time is ours, never alone!


“Love’s Theme”

by Barry White

Play our love’s theme tonight
My love’s here, it’s no dream tonight
It”s been so long
Since we’ve danced to our love song
I know the melody that made him mine
Will be the melody that keeps him close to me (love’s theme)

Play our love’s theme once more
Make him feel, like he felt before
While the lights are low
Please, let the music flow
I know that the melody that made him mine
Will be the melody that keeps him close to me (love’s theme)

Play our love’s theme again
Touch his heart, touch his soul and then
Once we sip the wine
His lips will come to mine
I know that the melody that made him mine
Will be the melody that keeps him close to me
Love’s theme…

Love’s theme…forever mine, forever yours, forever ours!

To my husband, I love you…yesterday, today and all the tomorrows to come!

Happy Pearl Anniversary!


At the Close of Valentine’s Day

Heart-TransparentAs most of you know, catnipoflife has a sister site, Awakenings whose focus is on history and  America – embracing the past, empowering the present, enriching the future. While Valentine’s Day does not have its original roots in American soil, its runners run deep throughout the nation.

Below is an abbreviated closing for this Valentine’s Day from Awakenings. To see the entire post, just click HERE!

A step back in time...

To truly understand Valentine’s, you must step back in time to 278 A.D. during the time of the Roman Empire. There are many legends and myths surrounding this day, some Pagan, others related to Christianity. Each of these legends vary on its connection to romance but several carry the name Valentine with each being martyred. One legend has the origin of Valentine’s day ending in the death and beheading of Valentine, a holy priest in Rome.

Rome was besieged with many unpopular and bloody campaigns. There was a strong attachment of the men to their wives and families thus a strong reluctance in joining the military forces of Claudius the Cruel, 42nd Emperor of the Roman Empire.

To change the situation, Claudius banned all marriages and engagements in Rome. This was not taken lightly by Valentine, the holy priest. Valentine continued to perform marriages and honor engagements in secret for young lovers until his deeds were discovered. Before going further keep in mind that Emperor Claudius was known as Claudius the Cruel so he did not take lightly the services performed by Valentine behind his back.

The first Valentine’s Day message of love…


It was upon the orders of Claudius that Valentine was put to death – beaten first, then beheaded. This occurred on February 14 on or about 268-270 A.D. Legendary beliefs show while in jail, Valentine became friends of the jailer’s daughter. He supposedly left a farewell note for her signed “From Your Valentine.” Thus, the first Valentine’s Day message of love.

It was not until after his death when Valentine was named a saint for his many services during his lifetime.

Declaration of February 14 as Valentine’s Day…

At the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared February 14 to be St. Valentine’s Day, and centuries later romantic authors like Geoffrey Chaucer and Shakespeare helped seal the deal with references to the day in their works. 

At the close of Valentine’s Day…

Thus, we are at the end of yet another Valentine’s Day where its original color ran red with blood instead of roses! In today’s society, this day has been set aside as a loving day with the only blood drawn being that from the prickly stem of the rose.

As you look ahead, don’t leave the loving thoughts of Valentine’s Day behind. Every day can be a Valentine’s Day as long as there is passion in your heart and a loving spirit in your soul!

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Furry Valentine’s Day

Perhaps we should learn real love from our furry friends!



Touch of Catnip: The Gift of Cat

I had this post ready yesterday but decided to save it for this morning. What a surprise when I received a message from Sunni @Surviving Life My Cats. She wrote an article in response to my FWF post. You need to stop by her blog for there is true inspiration to be gathered from her posting. The season is indeed wrapped in the spirit of giving!

Meow-y Christmas!

What a purr-r-r-fect thought
Nothing better than that
Soft, cuddly, loving
The gift of cat!


Unusual Best Friends

Just a quick little touch of catnip!

Not sure how many of these may have been ‘doctored’ but they bring out their intended emotions! ENJOY!


❤Happy 29th Anniversary!❤

That’s wedding, of course, not blogoversary! Even with my husband’s 63rd day of hospital confinement in a critical care facility, we can still celebrate 29 years together. July 10, 1984 marked the beginning of our marriage that has definitely had its share of ups and downs but weathered the storms always welcoming the rainbows of better days.

To my Jim. . .Happy 29th Anniversary!

For the Love of You

With the dawning of each morning
I awake amid yawns and smiles
Thinking how much I adore you
How every moment’s worthwhile

Rising amid sunbeams or teardrops
Melodies stir within my heart
Reviving songs of togetherness
Even more so now we’re apart

In times of minor differences
Okays override any nays
Such as life’s phases come and go
We keep happy most of the days

A gaze outside the window
Catches sight of misty rain
There is no sun to be seen
Just grayness, dowdy and plain

Toward the distant horizon
Gray skies disclose bits of blue
A crystal-clear ray of sunshine
Glistens for the love of you

You are the smile
Still warming my heart
Inspiring, loving
’Til death do us part

“Here’s my love, take it. Here’s my soul, use it. Here’s my heart, don’t break it. Here’s my hand, hold it and together we will make it forever.”

Author Unknown



The Beauty of Motherhood

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Sunday, May 12

Mother’s Day 2013

With motherhood comes moments of happiness and smiles, as well as tears of joy and sorrow. On this day, may all Mothers be remembered for moments of rejoicing, struggles, sacrifices and unconditional love.


Welcome to Spring!

Love’s Presence

The soothing breath of spring
In its light of innocence
Suffuses the meadows
With a hint of tenderness

Nature’s arms embrace
The warmth of the sun
As buds and blossoms
Awaken with the dawn

Within winter’s wake
Fields and forests come alive
Stretching and yawning
As flora and fauna arrive

Freshness of the air
Bares the arrivance
Of new beginnings
In winter’s absence

Lovers solemnly stroll
Arm-in-arm, hand-in-hand
Admiring magical wonders
Within splendor of the land

Beauty of springtime
Void of the bitter cold
Propels love’s presence
Deep down into the soul

©2013 catnipoflifeSharla Lee Shults

©2013 catnipoflife
Sharla Lee Shults

“In springtime, love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion or kisses whizzing by your head.”
—Terri Guillemets


The best Recipe!

Hugs across the miles sent with joy and smiles!

Ute smile

That is me……  but don’t eat me……just hug me….


I love teddies and soft toys here are my favourites.


This is Petzie and Retzi. Petzie is a German Steiff Teddy which is actually my sister’s and is over 50 years old dressed in our baby clothes. Retzie lives in London but was allowed to visit Germany, he does have his own passport.

TeddyMc Fluff (2)

This is Teddy Mac Fluff, our cool teddy.

Another collection:

Teddies are patient, loving, cuddly, soft, fluffy, cute and always happy.

I hope Manny from Marsha’s blog  likes all his friends here.


Wishing you a day full of Sunshine, if not in the sky then in your heart!

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