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Free Write Friday #3: After Midnight…

on August 10, 2012

FreeWriteFridayBadgeDoesn’t seem like it has been a week since I participated in Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday. Time seems to get away with not enough hours from one day to the next. Of course, if a day were 48 hours, I would probably still claim not enough time. C’est la vie!

While I may not participate every week in Kellie’s writing prompt, I will surely check out each week’s scenario. This week it is a Time & Place Scenario. Here is how it goes:

It’s after midnight. You find yourself in an eerie yet, magical swamp. You hear whispering and see flashes of light… What happens?

Goodnight on Fairie Swamp Garden (Photo credit: echoroo)

Photo credit: echoroo

On the edge of silence, soft whispers of the night penetrate the darkness. I stand alone wondering what happened to the others. How did we get separated? Lights flash in the distance. . .but we forgot the flashlights. My knees are knocking, my heart is pounding, chills are running up and down my spine, my palms are sweaty and ringing in my ears are my father’s last words, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight!”  DADDY!

Of course, being the poetess that I am, I could not stop there.


Midnight in the Swamp – Dream or Reality?

Alone in the darkness
Thoughts eerily sway
When was the last time
I ventured this way?

Once in my dreams
Within a magical land
Flashes across the sky
Fuse as if hand in hand

Shattering the sky
A mosaic in black
Announces its fury
As though under attack

Moss-laden trees
Cast shadows of ghosts
Purple-black silhouettes
Make the perfect hosts

How can I be there?
This can’t be real
Only moments ago
We kissed
love’s seal

I twist and turn
Toward whispers I hear
Hoping and praying
It is you who are near

A clash of thunder
Jolts me awake
I reach across the bed
Your hand I take

Eerie, yet magical
Real it may seem
Feeling your warmth
Reflects but a dream

© 2012

14 responses to “Free Write Friday #3: After Midnight…

  1. Micki Peluso says:

    Sharla, Loved your poem which fits the prompt. Where’s this site. I need to get back to writing from prompts or I don’t seem to write at all –except for a gazillion book reviews!!

    Hugs, Micki

  2. I enjoyed your Free Write post — both the prose and the poetry. You did a great job with this prompt.

  3. As I am sure I have told you before, I envy anyone who can rhyme. It’s something I just cannot seem to do but, YOU on the other hand, do it so beautifully! Another sweet entry for FWF! Pleased to have you back. Anytime you can stop by, you are more than welcome, my friend. Thank you for writing! ♥

  4. Swamp, alone at night? So scary! Great writing. I was at the edge of my seat!. Wow!

  5. WOW, I’m impressed with both your prose and your poetry. Also a cool prompt!

  6. These are both really well done pieces! One captures anexity and panic while the poem hits on the teasing nature of dreams.
    Well done!

    • catnipoflife says:

      WOW! What great compliments! Through Kellie I am beginning to venture outside my poetry box. Quite a challenge. I visited your site and your writings are terrific. I did not find this week’s FWF but I did read the one from the previous week. Great read with just the right emotive touch! Looking forward to reading more. . .

  7. […] Doesn’t seem like it has been a week since I participated in Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday. Time seems to get away with not enough hours from one day to the next. Of course, if a da…  […]

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