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Tears Cleanse the Heart

on August 16, 2012

Life can be described as an avalanche of unexpected tears. These may arrive as soft teardrops or unyielding sobbing. There is simply no way around tearful emotions for they constantly simmer within the heart. From the most passionate of lovers to the coldest of cold hearts, tears can be the tie that binds or become the final straw. They may appear within a fleeting moment or build up over a period of time.

From a surprise reaction, a past recollection, a new beginning or an anticipated, as well as unintended, ending, tears can swell so emotively they become hotter than a smoldering cauldron. These are the times when we feel life has thrown a curve that we simply don’t understand. Because of the lack of understanding, emotions can quickly turn to anger. As a result, anger becomes the knife that severs.

Sometimes there is just a need to cry. Let the tears flow for they are the dewdrops of an early morn or the pouring summer rain that cleanse, nourish and refurbish the human soul.

What is life as you see it…

Is it a loving embrace
Or a solitary place?

Does it reflect a sense of devotion
Or is it filled with senseless emotion?

Are there moments of unchangeable dread
Or have you solidified your life’s thread?

How do you greet the morning…

Is it with a gentle smile upon a happy face
Or a frown wishing you were in a different place?

Do you bring sunshine to a rainy day
Or does the rain take the sunshine away?

Are there thoughtful images of someone dear
Or do remembrances of sadness appear?

What awaits you at the close of day…

Is it time with caring family
Or just another anomaly?

Does sunset bring an admiring, restful glow
Or do thoughts detail more than you need to know?

Are you with friends ready to make merry
Or are you alone and solitary?

Life IS as you see it…

As life’s proceedings command a new-found way
Greet each morning as the dawn of a new day

If you are dangling on the edge
Come back with a fresh, new life’s pledge

Be a sister, brother, lover or friend
Cherish each moment to the bitter end

Make the most of it!

Life is filled with countless challenges to endure
Times of uncertainty, times when you are sure

While tears may flow like falling rain
Let them cleanse easing any pain

Within the shadows learn to cope
Keep faith alive as well as hope


15 responses to “Tears Cleanse the Heart

  1. My life became a very solitary place. I have only my own heart to guide me along with the requisite angels. To lose another person is heart breaking. To gaze at a new day is a blessing. And to put it all behind again is a challenge.

    Not exactly sure why I am venting but I guess I needed to. Thanks Sharla. It will be a brighter day tomorrow, Maybe… xx

    • catnipoflife says:

      Thank you for sharing your feelings. Sometimes we just need to ‘vent’ and often the opportunity arrives unexpectedly. May the days ahead be filled with blessings, Lesley!

  2. Love your poem Sharla, but can’t help feeling that Pope John Paul was expressing his beliefs rather than wisdom.
    Anger is a normal human emotion, and it only hurts others when we blame or shame. When we simply explain why we feel angry, it clears the air, and with no blame or shame, the other doesn’t have to defend themselves… or so it seems to me.!
    So often when I used to cry with anger, it was because I felt powerless…
    And yes, you’re so right – Life – make the most of it,

    • catnipoflife says:

      Hi, Val. Thank you for stopping by for a visit. One’s beliefs are often filled with words for the wise. Anger is definitely a natural human emotion that cannot be totally avoided but at times can be averted.

  3. You express emotions beautifully. I absolutely love your poetic writing.

  4. Micki Peluso says:

    Sharla, this is an excellent post and a wonderful, thought-provoking poem. UntilI read it I thought I was an optimist–now I feel like crying 🙂 It’s sometimes hard to let go and cry–because one might feel the loss of control and it might never stop. So instead the tears plug up like a dam and sooner or later burst through, often causing more harm than good because they were shed too late,

    • catnipoflife says:

      You are so right, Micki! I have too often held emotions inside way, way too long. It is those times that while the tears may cleanse they gush forth very angrily!

  5. So beautiful and so insightful–tears can be truly therapeutic!

  6. Sharla, your words are truly a wonderful lift to my heart with the love and all the information that you share each day…You caring and loving heart always paints a perfect image in my mind that so lovingly receives the blessing you provide! Much love always to you dear sister!

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