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Autumn Leaves

on September 14, 2012

With a new school year beginning comes many changes in lives and schedules. For those that take vacations or have time off during the summer, the hours and/or days of relaxation come to an end. But, with the ending of summer comes the changing of seasons and anticipation of crisp, cool mornings with the bursting forth of bright oranges, reds and yellows as leaves intensify in brilliance within their own change. Within this anticipation is yet another eager time of awaiting. This usually occurrs after the kids are already settled in their new school environment but the thoughts begin much, much earlier. The change in color announces the coming of falling leaves.

With the falling leaves comes the time for the yard rake. While no one probably LIKES to rake leaves, there is the envelopment of a very special atmosphere. As the rake moves back and forth in rhythmic motion, leaves cling to its ‘fingers’ before being deposited in a pile while children laugh and giggle in anticipation of what’s coming next.

All it takes is a few seconds to say, “Ready, set, go!” for each child to jump right smack dab in the middle!

As your child becomes acclimated to his/her new school year, plant the seed of anticipation. If yours is an area of few or no trees, look around for your ‘pile of leaves’ – whatever brings on the smiles, laughter and giggles that will be long remembered and treasured.

Ever thought about an autumn leaf party?


Catch the Falling Leaves

If you ask me about Autumn
It is leaves dancing across the ground—
The essence of a former life
Wherever nature’s spirit abounds

It is one last fling before winter’s sleep
Flitting and flaunting vivid hues of gold—
Dramatic, enchanting, ah-h-h breathtaking
Awe-inspiring colors to behold

It is a season of predestined change
In a distinctive way nature acknowledges—
Random yellows, rusty oranges, bold reds
Exciting the soul through emblazon images

It is nature in action
Intensely, magically changing—
Summer’s palette transforming
As leaves gently fall or left dangling

It is multicolored leaves blowing in the wind
Like the wild strumming of a fiddle—
The crux of fun for someone to rack in a pile
Then jump right smack dab in the middle

Run, jump, catch the falling leaves
As they flutter round and round
Stuff them in your pockets
For the child in you is found


 “How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.”
—John Burroughs (American Naturalist and Essayist, 1837–1921)

26 responses to “Autumn Leaves

  1. What fun! I have fond memories of jumping in piles of leaves as a kid, and I shared that experience with my son. I hope my granddaughter will soon enjoy too. Thanks for bringing back some good memories with your lovely post.

  2. Mary Firmin says:

    That sounds like a lovely idea. An Autumn Leaves Party. I wish we had some in the Desert. A beautiful sentiment as always in your blog. Mary Firmin, author Deadly Pleasures.

  3. sandra305 says:

    Autumn is my favorite season. I actually love raking leaves and I love watching our dogs romp through the leaves!

  4. Teepee12 says:

    I remember … the crunch of leaves under squeaky new shoes and the smell of bonfires. Thank you 🙂

  5. Sharla,

    Beautiful photo,

    I must be getting to know you a little because I knew this post was yours when I saw “autumn leaves” before I opened it.

    They are beautiful but I know what’s next – winter, the season I hate the most. However, we still have about 6 weeks of summer to enjoy here. Fall doesn’t last long in the desert.

  6. bobmielke says:

    I grew up in the St. Louis area with lots of leaf-bearing trees. I remember grade school and jumping in piles of leaves. I used to love raking them. It’s funny how easy it is to actually hear a leaf rake moving through the leaf pile.

    I got away from that during my 13 year stay in South Carolina. There the climate favors pine trees with their pine needles and cones. I missed leaves, I missed good old dirt. Now I live in the Pacific Northwest, which is a veritable garden. We got leaves here. LOL Our Fall begins the 2nd week of October which signals peak foliage color. As a photographer I run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to capture the landscape before the rains begin. We get rain 8-9 months a year with a respite July through Mid-October.

    The photos of Autumn keep me company during the long, wet season until mid-May when we’ll start to see an occasional dry day. Have I mentioned how much I love Autumn? LOL

  7. An autumn leaf party sounds such fun – wish my children or even my grandchildren were little so we could do that! Love the sound and feel of leaves crunching under the feet, as you shuffle along through them, and the heavenly autumn smell of burning leaves…
    Enjoy your autumn leaves1

  8. Chris says:

    I love the smell of burning leaves. The colours peak my painting talents

  9. Aditya says:

    That is so beautifully written and the pictures are so wonderful. While your writing really takes me to a different place, I must admit that I had monday morning blues. I was so reluctant to go to school right after vacation and the first day of every week. Plus, we don’t really have a fall season here as it is a tropical country I live in. I had a hearty laugh as my school memories were refreshed, thanks for that 😀


  10. lgyslaine says:

    Hi Sharla. Fall is my favorite season for its softness and colors. I get the leaves for mulch at the base of my roses and other tender plants.

  11. Thinking it was the final time I would have to rake leaves as I was moving I took my time and enjoyed every single moment of it.
    Fast forward – It wasn’t the last time after all. 🙂

    It remains my favourite season.

  12. Micki Peluso says:

    I love the autumn leaves–not so fond of raking them and miss not having kids home to do that fun chore. Butch has a theory that God brotught them to our yard for a reason and will blow them away when He sees fit–works for me:)

  13. Raani York says:

    Fall is beautiful… what I like about it is going for a walk through the forest – hearing and feeling the dry leaves under my feet… feeling the sunbeams on my skin… no matter how week they are – they make me feel good.
    It’s a wonderful blog post. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of mother nature!!

  14. what a lovely lovely write you know I want at my age to have an autumnparty even if by myself!

  15. You are talking about one of my favorite times of the year. I love fall leaves and what a wonderful poem. Thanks Sharla!

  16. This is a beautiful time of year and love is in the air, isn’t it.

  17. pennycoho says:

    I “love” autumn leaves. Actually there’s a thing I do every fall. Sometimes with other adults, sometimes with children and sometime alone. Walkabout and Driveabout for the sole intention of gathering as many different, colorful and unique type of fallen leaves that can be found. That occurs over the period of a few weeks. Then the leaves are flattened and dried and murals or floral arrangements are made from the leaves for that year. Personally, the gathering is the most fun for me, being up close to nature and all, just a fun thing, needless to say I really love this post a whole “heaping” bunch! Thank you. Just wonderful! Penny

  18. deirdret says:

    Thank you, Sharla, for bringing memories back. I grew up in NJ where it wasn’t at all fun to rake leaves as a kid, and then moved to Texas. Not so many leaves here, but the trees do change colors… somewhat. I still have to rake, although it isn’t nearly as time consuming. You know what I remember that I loved the most? The smell of burning leaves! Oh, it was fall all right! Then it became ‘air pollution’ and now two generations don’t know what that was like. What a shame. Of course down here we still burn, but it’s not the same. I love autumn too, these past two summers have just been too hot for this girl!

  19. beautiful as the leaves 🙂

  20. Sharla, Love the images in your blog about fall. I can’t wait to jump in some leaves.

  21. What a great post! All of it, but that last quote gave me shivers.

  22. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Can’t wait for the leaves to fall so we can have a party!

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