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on September 12, 2012

Where do you live? Share descriptions of your sunrises/sunsets.

Hot Rod Cowgirl

A few nights ago I had the chance to capture one of God’s incredible sunsets that we are blessed with out here in Juniper Canyon.

Sky Painting By God

We have a very artistic and creative God full of beauty and grace, as He paints the sky with…

Hot Rod Cowgirl

 Ever changing colors of golden orange, rusty reds, majestic purples, shades of blue  and glimmering gold.

And with a stroke of His hand…

He creates a burnished beauty in the luminous evening sky above.

And in the blink of an eye He changes it with magical colors of pinks and blues adding ethereal light.

Enchanted inspiration stirs my creative spirit…

As I stand in awe on a warm summer night.

Beauty that can only come from “Heaven” above:)

As the sky was on fire…

Ever Changing…

Moments of wonder and divine creativity….times in our lives when we can’t help but stop and take notice of the beauty around…

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  1. Sharla,

    Nice pics. We have many sunsets like that here too, one thing about living in the desert I guess. We get these little rewards for the harsh conditions (extreme heat and cold). I didn’t know eastern OR was high desert, so I guess I learned something.


  2. Chris says:

    I want to get out my paints. These are wonderous

  3. Micki Peluso says:

    Of all the beauty which surrounds us, my favorite is the sky, because it’s always changing. It’s ironic that NYC has some oth the most gorgeous skies and sunsets, dur to the toxins in the air. God makes the most of even the bad things,

  4. Teepee12 says:

    I love her blog too … and her horses!

  5. Sharla, I’ve seen many sunsets… trust me, the utterly beautiful ones but this is something refreshing. It’s first thing I’ve seen in the morning and I’m pretty sure that my day will rock with the sweet, fresh mood that I now have. 🙂

  6. sandra305 says:

    Beautiful sunset and you’re so right–we have a truly awesome God!

  7. These are BEAUTIFUL. I used to live in Northern Michigan and saw the Northern Lights every year, they were gorgeous. Thanks for the smile.

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