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Lollipop, Lollipop…Oh lolli lolli lolli! Lollipop!

July 20 is…National Lollipop Day


I could not resist alerting everyone to this celebration since childhood is such an intricate part of the catnipoflife. Mosey on over to catnip’s sister site, Awakenings, for the celebration. You just might find some lollipops that turn you on or perhaps turn you off!


Plus how on earth could I pass posting the cat eating the lollipop?!



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Touch of Catnip: Cats LOVE Vacuum Cleaners

Any day is a wonderful day for a good laugh! Who brings on laughter more than a child or a cat (or dog, of course)! ENJOY! Hope your sides hurt!

Sidenote: Click HERE for the original video of the first cat in the compilation.

Maybe not all cats…

No cuter sound all around than the clicking claws of kitty paws!


Touch of Catnip: The Gift of Cat

I had this post ready yesterday but decided to save it for this morning. What a surprise when I received a message from Sunni @Surviving Life My Cats. She wrote an article in response to my FWF post. You need to stop by her blog for there is true inspiration to be gathered from her posting. The season is indeed wrapped in the spirit of giving!

Meow-y Christmas!

What a purr-r-r-fect thought
Nothing better than that
Soft, cuddly, loving
The gift of cat!


Cattitude Tip #4

When the human’s away, us little kitties will exercise! Exercise??? Maybe that’s taking it to the extreme so let’s go for playing and eating and napping! Hey! Where’s my catnip?

There are times when the humans must have time away so to speak, maybe a movie, perhaps a walk in the park or even a weekend getaway. That means the ‘little’ felines will be home alone. So, what do we do to be sure they don’t get bored?

Here are some tips but don’t say them out loud… little kitties have BIG ears!


SOUND! Got to have music or talking…anything to break the silence. Leave the radio or TV on so he/she can hear human voices in the house. You might find the little kitty soon has a favorite weekly animal program.

Hey! Anything’s possible…our little feline friends do have eyes and ears AND they are smarter than you may think! Tune your TV to a program like National Geographic or the Animal Channel. Be sure your cat is nearby. Watch the body language; you can tell when your cat is listening by the movement and position of the ears.

It’s called “cat communication!”


CLIMBABILITY! Add a carpeted cat tree bungalow to your house decor – cats love to sit up high watching the world go by. Or just place a chair near a busy window so your cat can watch the birds, squirrels and folks in the neighborhood.

Did you know either option is called “vertical territory?” Cats make use of both horizontal and vertical aspects of life’s environment.  Vertical planes offer stations of security, spaces of comfort and of course, places for fun. So, whether you are home or gone, the cat tree is not just a cat luxury or simply a piece of cat furniture but a crucial part of the feline’s life.


CatBathingCat2 COMPANIONSHIP! For single cat homes, consider getting a second cat. That’s right! Get another cat! Most cats like company, which leads to entertainment for each during the day…run, chase, jump, climb, play! With that second cat in the home, the little feline will not feel alone when left alone.

Guess what? Two cats are often cleaner than a cat living alone! I know what you are thinking…two litter boxes cannot be cleaner than one! Right? Well, that is not the point at all. Cats will groom each other’s ears and coat, often getting at places that can’t be reached without help. Just think…you leave your two cats home while you go to a movie. When you get home, they do not need a bath before going to bed!


STIMULATION! Toys. There must be toys. Toys that have moving parts and challenges. Cats like shiny bits, noisy bits, moving bits and bits they can hook their claws into (better than the leather couch!). Track-balls, crinkle balls or balls that contain a cat treat inside require work at releasing the treat.

Do you think you have to buy an expensive toy? Well, you don’t have to buy the toy at all! Cats love to hunt and seek! Get an old gift box and put some holes it it. Trap a few foam balls inside. Your feline friend will be entertained for hours…a fun, inexpensive way to overcome boredom, obesity and loneliness. Or better still, just leave an empty box lying around!


CUDDLEPOWER! Nap time is snuggle time! Being able to curl up and snuggle in one’s own bed is a must! While the human’s ‘big’ bed is always inviting, there is nothing like the cuddleness of a cat’s own bed. Keep it in the same spot as when you are home, close to the radio or TV.

Cats will sleep just about anywhere and in any position imaginable! But, did you know, just like the little doggies, they like napping in their own bed? Yes! There are luxury cat beds, heated cat beds, pillowed cat beds, feathered cat beds, domed cat beds, cat radiator beds, computer mounted beds and the list goes on and on and on…


Do you have anything to share that you set up or leave for your feline friend when you are away? I would love to hear from you…


Design for Cats

Do we spoil our cats or what?!. I would say spoiling is putting it mildly. Feline owners are definitely slaves to the cat!


Cattitude Tip #1



Point of first note, IF our Foxie ever sat calmly near her carrier, she would deserve double treats! The only time she actually likes her carrier is at the vet. She had rather be in the carrier than in the hands of the vet! Secondly, a stranger will never get near Foxie. She is much too fast and has her own special hiding places. Does that mean she does not get treats? Heavens NO! She loves Whisker Lickin’s!!


What is your impression on this Cattitude Tip?


Me? Cattitude? Nah!


Touch of Catnip

Meet Shiva. His unusual name was bestowed upon him by our daughter, Nicole, when she was studying marketing and design at the University of Florida (GO GATORS!). It was during the summer in which she was completing an internship with the St. Petersburg Times in St. Petersburg, FL. We helped Niki move into her new apartment: One bedroom with a sectioned off kitchen area and a tiny, tiny bathroom. Jim and I were visiting over the 4th of July helping her with the move. It was hot, ohso HOT! Anyway, back to Shiva…

Jim and Shiva bonded immediately. They were like two-peas-in-a-pod around the apartment. When we went outside to grill, of course, Shiva had to stay inside and was not a happy cat. To make a long story short Shiva did not stay very long in Niki’s apartment. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Needless to say, he made the trip back with us to our home at the time in Panama City, FL.

Shiva was regal and we often called him Mr. Handsome. He was a great cat and loved chasing the Labrador across the street out of our yard. It was a big lab, too! Go, Shiva!

The series of photos being shared today comprise one of Shiva’s favorite pastimes: giving daddy human’s head a bath! As you look at the photos, you will notice the almost exact hair color. Each photo is numbered for sequencing and has a caption to carry you through the bathing process.

For your enjoyment, meet Shiva, aka Mr. Handsome:

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“I gave my cat a bath the other day…[cats] love it. He sat there, he enjoyed it, it was fun for me. The fur would stick to my tongue, but other than that…” Steve Martin


Do you have a favorite pet?

At different points in life, you have probably had one or more pets of different breeds, colors, sizes, and ages. Of all the pets that have been a blessing along life’s journey, there is more than likely one which stands out above all the rest. THE one may be cutesy-wootsie, bullmaster, Miss Priss, goofball, scruff mutt or any of hundreds of possible descriptors. But, the fact remains he\she was (is) YOUR pet, your friend, your companion.

My husband (Jim) and I have been fortunate to have had many pets from gerbils to dogs to cats each with their own unique personalities and of course, tales of laughter and woe. The gerbils by far left their mark many times over, especially when middle daughter felt sad for the male and female to be in separate cages. “But, Mommy, I only let them play together a few minutes!”

Then,  there was Dock, the short-haired tabby that was rescued from old seadogs along the dock of the bay. ‘Fishbait’, I don’t think so! As a tiny kitten he fit in the palm of one hand and was brought home in hubby’s shirt pocket. One of his best Kodak moments was the time he shared his supper time with the mouse. Yep, there they were eating out of the same bowl glancing over at each other between bites. Naturally, it was a missed Kodak moment because the camera is never close by when you need it.

The raccoons were never really pets but did enjoy visiting the back porch and absolutely loved the dry cat food. The thing is the cat food was kept in a Rubbermaid storage bench. Here they were these two hungry rascals just at dusk – one would lift open the bench seat and hold it while the other got his fill. Then, they would trade places gorging on the tasty morsels as though they had not eaten in a week. You would think once they realized they were not alone away they would run. Nope, not these two! They looked up as though they knew it was time to go and one behind the other slowly meandered off the porch, down the steps disappearing into the twilight.

There are dozens of stories with Chief (the labrador) and Prince (the dalmatian) being the only dogs that graced our premises. Dogs are just great for kids, especially our son. These two, however, were nothing but just kids themselves. Prince was always the instigator with Chief nipping at his heels. The telephone call to the animal control was the clincher. Seems a call was received from a boat owner that could not get on his boat because of the dogs. The funny part is the phone call. “Sir, what seems to be the problem?” asked the dispatcher. The owner replied, “I need to get on my boat. There are two dogs – one is onboard guarding the boat while the other jumps in and swims!” It was about this same time we called in trying to locate our dogs who were missing.

Needless to say, today we have two cats, Foxie and Boots. Both were rescued under different circumstances. Foxie is a dilute calico and Boots is a grey long hair. You hardly see one without the other, especially during play time. They think the field mouse in the back yard is their play thing. They don’t hurt it, just scamper around chasing it through the yard until it gets tired. Then, they mosey off and let it go its own way.

As I said in the beginning, there is always that one pet that pulls at your heartstrings and has you wrapped around its paws. For us, it is Our Foxie. . .


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