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Cattitude Tip #1

on August 22, 2013



Point of first note, IF our Foxie ever sat calmly near her carrier, she would deserve double treats! The only time she actually likes her carrier is at the vet. She had rather be in the carrier than in the hands of the vet! Secondly, a stranger will never get near Foxie. She is much too fast and has her own special hiding places. Does that mean she does not get treats? Heavens NO! She loves Whisker Lickin’s!!


What is your impression on this Cattitude Tip?


Me? Cattitude? Nah!

11 responses to “Cattitude Tip #1

  1. Teepee12 says:

    It works for small dogs, too. See my site tomorrow. You will love one of the posts. I promise! I thought of you as I put it together.

  2. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon says:

    Can you give me any tips on traveling with an older Cat?? We are having to relocate from So. Oregon to Glendale, Arizona…Thanks, Catherine

    • catnipoflife says:

      Hi, Catherine. Cats are very independent and each one is unique. Not sure if I can provide you with definitive answers. Both of our cats, Bootsie before her passing and Foxie who is still with us have been our traveling companions since 2008 when I retired. The riding never seemed to bother either one but they sure were glad to get outside when we reached our destination! We have pet carriers which are soft fabric, instead of metal.

      One suggestion might be to take your cat on short jaunts in a carrier just so he/she can get used to riding in the vehicle. Take time to let the cat become accustomed to the carrier before the drive. Make it a pleasant place to be – feed the cat treats inside it and make a cosy bed of familiar smelling bedding which can be used on the trip. Leave the door open and encourage the cat to go in and out and to sleep in it. Then, when it comes to the actual ride, the cat is at least familiar with its immediate environment.

  3. Terry says:

    Our cat Rhino won’t even touch human food, so I have never tried treats, but then again at 25 pounds, does he really need a treat?? LOL

  4. Mine are like your Foxie! They would NEVER sit calmly next to the carrier. And you’re right about being at the vet. They can hardly wait to get back in because that means they’re going home. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Micki Peluso says:

    Toby would never tolerate such nonsense. He comes from a generation of outside feral cats who are never completely domesticated. I’m a dog person, so I raise this devious cat like a dog. He does get scolded whether he likes it or not and later comes and rubs against me to apologize for all the things he does –like wake me up at the break of dawn to feed him. I can’t lock him out of the bedroom because he’ll just yowl until I give in. He’ll never be a dog but I make it tough for him to act like a cat–which is royalty. 🙂

  6. Raani York says:

    I LOVE this cattitude, Sharla – and I’m AFRAID Jake loves it too. Seriously… he’d be laughing his butt off, taking the treat, bite my ankle and then goes and destroys something else. LOL
    It does help with Charlet. She’s a wonderful cat – but I have to admit: Jake isn’t educable. Not even in kittish. LOL

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