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The Close of Day: 9/11/2012

on September 12, 2012

As we close the 11th day of September, 2012, let us lift our eyes toward the night sky in humble prayer for the families and loved ones who suffered losses on this tragic day eleven years ago.

you will always be in our hearts
forever remembered, always loved
as memories remain vivid
among the stars in Heaven above

9/11 was a reminder that the bonds of family can be severed in an instant. They are essential, crucial, valuable, fragile.”
Peter Jennings

8 responses to “The Close of Day: 9/11/2012

  1. Micki Peluso says:

    You should see the new tower shining at night and the twin lights have been up for two days now. You made a wonderful tribute today, Sharla and I thank you for all New Yorkers and all the victims –those long gone and those who lost them.


    • catnipoflife says:

      Thank you, MIcki, for sharing such warm thoughts. You need to take some pictures and post them on your website for those of us who live far away. I am sure I could crawl the web for photos but from you it would be so much more personal.

  2. The sadness of this day even eleven years after is the same just that the shock has worn off for most people, which is sad this is a day in history that should be shocking as the original and we should remember every single day not just the anniversary. thank you

    • catnipoflife says:

      On that I totally agree, Len. I am sure that many, many thoughts surround this day at any given time on any given day of the year. It is just the anniversay hones in on that one day more vividly.

  3. lgyslaine says:

    Tribute to the fallen. I pray for them.

  4. Teepee12 says:

    If any city is resilient enough to recover from a massive “hit” like 9/11, it has to be New York. It’s THE city you can’t keep down. I may not live in New York now, but it’s still my home town. I need to go back and see the new towers. And I think I need a “New Yorker” fix! Walk those gritty sidewalks once more.

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