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Awakenings: America: Enchanting, Beautiful and Free

on October 10, 2012

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The premise behind Awakenings is to reopen the eyes of Americans to the awareness of those who laid the foundation and established the platform for America’s freedom. It began over 400 years ago with the most significant landing in our nation’s founding: Jamestown, Virginia, 1607. This significant point in time did not occur without sacrifice: lives of individuals, entire families and loved ones. And, sacrifices are still being made today to maintain that which was established centuries ago.

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5 responses to “Awakenings: America: Enchanting, Beautiful and Free

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  2. bobmielke says:

    The problem I have with America is that we all know politicians lie. When weapons of mass destruction were not proven to exist in Iraq the United States was reduced to petty terrorists that hunted down the nation’s leader and executed him. In Vietnam we were told we were there to stop the spread of Communism yet when we left, with out tails between our legs, we’re suddenly financing our inability to balance our budget by borrowing huge sums from China while being forced to purchased goods manufactured by China, Vietnam & Cambodia. This country is broken and needs new leadership & direction before we go the way of Rome and the Pharaohs of Egypt.

    • catnipoflife says:

      Bob, I am so with you and it saddens me so to be witness of what is happening to America. I love my country yet within my heartfelt patriotism lies heartache as she is threatened at home and abroad. We are all victims of bad decisions that have escalated but hopefully not beyond hope for a better tomorrow. Where does the answer lie? Not with Congress, not with our President, but with the people. May the right voices be heard and the right decision made before we do indeed follow the path of Rome.

  3. Sharla…I’m finding you in my spam, which is not a nice place for you to be !

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