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Awakenings: Monsters: Laughter or Shivers?

on October 11, 2012

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With Halloween approaching, stories of ghosts, goblins and ghouls monopolize the setting as the movie makers try to outdo one another with scenes of blood and gore.

A Step Back in Time

Awakening a few cobwebs with pictures from a night in the 80s. Oh, such a night! What a night it was, what a night it really was! What are your fondest memories of Halloween – laughter or shivers? Who did you profess to be? (Don’t answer these until you have visited Awakenings!)

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9 responses to “Awakenings: Monsters: Laughter or Shivers?

  1. bobmielke says:

    My brother, Ed, was 19 months younger than me. We would go out together, sometimes with our friends across the street. We all made our own costumes and had plenty of fun doing. Some years my mom, 4’11” tall, would dress up in costume and well and go out with us. We were a scary bunch that always walked, were polite, and took notes on who gave the really good stuff. Money won a gold star rating. We’d go home, change costumes & return to our favorites. We all carried brown paper bags from the local Kroger store. It was a simpler time!

  2. I still remember the Haunted House we visited when I was in 1st grade and I particularly “remember” the feel of the corpse’s “intestines.” I think that is one of those kinesthetic memories that is permanently burned into my memory bank!

  3. Micki Peluso says:

    As a kid, Halloween was my favorite holiday. I remember throwing raw corn at windows, chalking windows and getting into general mischief–not with eggs though. My husband was much worse. Him and his friends removed the steps to the house of a grumpy old man who harassed them. Yes he fell down them, but wasn’t hurt. ahh those were the days!!

  4. I have nominated you for The Reality Blog Award Congratulations!

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