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on November 25, 2012

One of the most wonderful perks of blogging is the ability to reblog. I do hope you enjoyed the poetic writing presented by Diane as much as I did. It certainly made me think about my own experiences and lessons learned. . .What about you?

The One Thing I know For Sure

If I could do it all again

would I make the same mistakes?

Would I bypass all the times

when I knew  my heart would break?

Would I still fall in love

with the father of my kids?

Would I do the dumb things

I remember that I did?

If I could go back,

and undo everything I’ve done…

Would I trade it all

to once again be young?

It is a tempting question,

to consider what I’d do,

to be able to wipe the slate clean,

To undo the things I wish I didn’t do…

And yet, I have to wonder

what the trade off would have to be

if I undid my life…

And could re-invent the one called “me

Even with all I now know…

and the lessons I have learned~

The “Do Over” I could have,

and the places I’d return,

I would still…

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  1. Micki Peluso says:

    Excellent post on something I often think about. Probably we would all make mistakes if we did it over again–just different ones.

  2. coastalmom says:

    Thanks Cat! I loved that you reblogged this! Tears and re-blogs… the best compliments ever!!!! 😉

  3. Teepee12 says:

    I often think about the what ifs … but I think was had to be, that we walk the path we were meant to walk, for good of ill.

  4. Taylor says:

    Again Sharla…I needed to read this last night. Maybe it’s meant to comfort and reassure me today.

    Sent from my iPad

  5. cjanasdreams says:

    For the most part we would all do it over again the same way because that’s who we are. We might tweak it a little but we follow the path that is laid out for us. It is a journey we are meant to take to make us who we are.

  6. lgyslaine says:

    Beautiful writing. There is only with our mistakes that we can change.

  7. Wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing this one, Sharla.

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