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Awakenings: Prohibition Ends

on December 5, 2012

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This Day in History: December 5, 1933

It was the end of an America gone dry but how did it all begin?

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8 responses to “Awakenings: Prohibition Ends

  1. I watched a good movie the other night on DVD – Now I forget the name of it grrrr. Anyway it was a new release about 3 brothers up against all odds and gangsters to keep their moonshine business going. 5 stars

  2. Teepee12 says:

    You have become a real friend and a true inspiration. We say that to people more often than we mean it, but knowing you is a real gift, so, here’s an award (yes, I know you have several already) so you can choose to not deal with it (I’m so far behind on mine I may never catch up), but regardless, it is yours. The post with all the usual blah blah information will be up shortly after midnight EST (US) at:

    and you are free to whatever you want with it. I’m very glad you are in my world. Hearing from you always makes me a little happier than I was and that is a lot … sometimes, everything..

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