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Life is a Struggle, Accept it!

on December 28, 2012

So often events of life leave us with questions without answers…Why is THIS happening? Why is this happening to ME? What did I DO? What did I do? WHY me? Why ME? WHY ME!

Life is a struggle, it is up to us to accept it. It IS a Bed of Roses full of many thorns. Yet from its thorny stem bursts forth velvety soft petals of such a rich radiance that its aromatic fragrance emits an essence of healing.

Next time you question WHY me? Why ME? WHY ME! reflect on the thankfulness of your ability to see the beauty! At that point, lift your head high, let the “Why me?” become Thank You!

beauty is all around us

hiding among
spines and thorns
of the cactus and rose

the broken limbs
the naked branches

 Lying among
the ugly weeds
the dried up leaves

It sleeps, it waits
in its splendor

 For just the right moment
To emit its power to heal

To soothe
To comfort
To embrace

©2012 catnipoflife
Sharla Lee Shults


32 responses to “Life is a Struggle, Accept it!

  1. Micki Peluso says:

    Lovely visuals and a wonderful poem. Did I tell you I have a book ofyour poems on my Kindle–you are so talented!!,

  2. seetarn says:

    Truly beautiful Sharla, these videos, just nudge us even further to embracing humanity and most of all harmony…Humanity for all kinds of people and Harmony to live in peace with our nature and above all its other core members, the animal kingdom….The perfect synergy of us all, is what God meant to create in a perfect world, which we are yet to see, and its through our actions and desires we all can one day make it happen…Thanks for sharing such beautiful creations of God with us fellow beings..and truly inspiring poetry there…as icing over a yummy cake…Have a great day…and Happy Holidays…

    • catnipoflife says:

      So glad to see you stopped by for some catnip! Like is full of its surprises but without challenges it would surely be stagnant. Of course, sometimes those challenges seem overbearing and totally not understandable. That is when true faith kicks in with its mighty force! Happy New Year!

      • seetarn says:

        So true..Wish you a whole lot of happiness, peace and love this New Year..and above all hope for a new dawn and new birth of consciousness…which is full of compassion and love for all….Take care and thanks for being my friend…

  3. pennycoho says:

    This is a wonderful post Sharla fllled with positive and loving energy (as are all your posts), but this one is especially rich. You are so very talented my dear friend! Much love to you, Penny xox

  4. Love you post and yes, life is a struggle, but it is for us to learn, grow, and strengthen yourself to become a better person.

    • catnipoflife says:

      So true, Jeanette! Life=Risk and with the risk sometimes comes consequences. Those consequences lead to better judgement and strength to endure different possibilities.

  5. beautiful post Sharla. That dog’s great heart and soul moves me so much. My heart is filled with gratitude for the wonderful creatures who share this earth with us,
    thank you for sharing it, and for your wise and loving words XXX

  6. I write to you through tears….so very very true…life is not easy. These videos show the true heart of our spirit that no matter how hard or difficult it is, humanity both human and animal can be full of heart and love….mostly life, spirit and love.

  7. lgyslaine says:

    Very beautiful Sharla and touching

  8. Jon Magee says:

    great post. Thanks for sharing

  9. Angela Beck says:

    Hi! I think you left a mesage on my blog the other day.
    I’d like to thank you for visiting Cupcakesjoy.wordpress.
    I adored your blog! It´s beautifull.
    As you asked me if there was a translation.
    I think that you can use the Google tool bar to translate.
    I Always do that to read a blog that is in a language I don’t now.
    My best regards,
    Angela Beck

  10. There comes a time in every single person’s life that having seen true carnage, rather than ask why me? they can honestly ask why not me? and smile and say thank you. Thank you Sharla

  11. we are glad to know you, you guide us to such beauty. Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

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  14. Sharla, this is beautiful. Life as it is beautiful albeit thorny. And yes i accept it. 🙂

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