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Announcing: The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest II!

on January 24, 2013

This is a great opportunity for bloggers to come together, make new acquaintances and share their writing. NOT just for women…men definitely have an eye for the beauty in a woman!


Announcing: The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest II!

Words, stories and music… I struggle to think of entities more powerful. When I was enduring the darkest time of my life, the eating disorder I shared in my last post, this poem struck me like a dart between the eyes, pinning me to a wall of “What if?” What if its words hold true—not just rationally or solely for other people, but in my heart, soul and beliefs? What if we’re all beautiful and the truest, deepest beauty has little to do with shape or size? What if the “something more” so many of us long for exists inside of us, waiting to be unlocked and cherished? What if I wasn’t afraid of being large, but living large? And in doing so, missing out on the most remarkable beauty of all? Read MORE. . . and SIGN UP!

6 responses to “Announcing: The Beauty of a Woman BlogFest II!

  1. Teepee12 says:

    What a great idea!

  2. janina says:

    Hi Sharla, Thanks for stopping by and letting me know of a broken link in my Gallery page; all fixed now. There is one other gallery, Red, which hasn’t been published yet, so that may seem to have a broken link too, but it’s just not out there yet! Cheers! 😀

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