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The Gem and Mineral Diva: Another Moldavite for sale!

on January 30, 2013

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This site is not just about jewelry but a project a young woman is supporting to benefit the homeless in America. 15% of all jewelry sales will be donated to Art4TheHomeless.


Art4TheHomeless is a 501(C)3 Nonprofit Organization founded by The Gem Diva that unites artists of all venues to promote homeless awareness in the USA.

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

It is sad that anyone in America goes hungry or without shelter but it happens every day all across the USA. There is hope and you can help.

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4 responses to “The Gem and Mineral Diva: Another Moldavite for sale!

  1. Christina ~ says:

    Thank you for sharing this…so heartbreakingly true, and we all forget. Thank you for the reminder! 🙂

  2. Micki Peluso says:

    This is a nice thing you did Sharla–you’re the best!!!

  3. Dear Sharla, What a wonderful idea, and so good that you are spreading the word.
    Sadly of course, America is not alone in having so many homeless, I sometimes think that we who have homes and enough food are the lucky minority in the world today…

    I can’t find your previous post that I read, and didn’t have time to comment on..

    I wanted to congratulate you on your latest award. It’s wonderful that your goodness and generosity of spirit, and the beauty of your blog is recognised and valued in the blogging world.

    And thank you so much, generous friend, for mentioning my name in your little list. I was so touched and grateful that you valued my blog with all those others. Thank you so much for thinking of me,..

  4. […] The Gem and Mineral Diva: Another Moldavite for sale! ( […]

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