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Free Write Friday #18: Word Bank

on February 9, 2013

free-write-friday-kellie-elmoreWelcome to another Free Write Friday! Today Kellie Elmore’s challenge is . . .

Word Bank: Opal, Vague, Whirl, Dream, Sheer, Conjure, Bare, Allure

With Valentine’s Day only a short time away, emotions of love and the beauty of the opal gemstone just seem to go hand-in-hand. So, thank you Kellie for your latest challenge and hopefully I live up to your expectations.

The Opal…

A gemstone of rare beauty
Alluring to the naked eye
Never vague, always unique
This surely one cannot deny

Colors of the spectrum
Whirl and twirl in the light
Conjuring bare opalescence
A dream of sheer delight

My Love…

Precious and rare in beauty
The opal of my eye
Never wispy, always strong
This no one can deny

Poignant emotions
Dance and cry with joy
Bare opalescent smiles
Readily you deploy

Happy pre-Valentine’s Day!

Now off to some other postings so I can link them here. If you arrive early, be sure to come back and check out other contributions!


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18 responses to “Free Write Friday #18: Word Bank

  1. terry1954 says:

    that is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! thanks also for the ping back Catnip!

  2. […] Welcome to another Free Write Friday! Today Kellie Elmore's challenge is . . . Word Bank: Opal, Vague, Whirl, Dream, Sheer, Conjure, Bare, Allure With Valentine's Day only a short time away, emotio…  […]

  3. Micki Peluso says:

    great poem!! I love prompt pieces–do mostof my writing from them–wish I had time to try this one.

  4. Love your emphasis on Opals … my favorite gemstone … now has a favored poem … thank you for writing this

  5. Beautiful poem, Sharla! I want that ring! Sherry would flip out if she saw it! Her birthstone is opal, and we both love.
    Thank you for including a link to my story!

  6. hey… where’d my “them” go??? Musta got up too early…

  7. heidi says:

    I love opals and I really like how you work them in this poem. It was a beautiful read.

  8. Ruby says:

    So touchy and beautiful, totally love it!

  9. Lady Lovely says:

    Very beautiful poem!

  10. Sharla! Oh my gosh, I adore this! Your imagery is bright and beautiful! Love how you used the words! Nicely done. Thank you for the contribution! xoxxo

  11. seanbidd says:

    A delightful dance of beauty and love in your words this week, thank you…

  12. Mark says:

    Lovely Sharla! The overall emphasis on one word “opal” and how all else describes creates a visually stunning image in the mind!

  13. Raani York says:

    Hmmmm…. love that right… even though I have to admit the sapphire is still my favorite gemstone. 🙂

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