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Awakenings: Crisis in America: Homelessness

on March 1, 2013

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Awakenings is proud to feature The Gem and Mineral Diva, who is not your ordinary diva. What makes this diva a diva? By definition, the term diva originally represented great female opera singers, almost always sopranos. Today’s “diva” describes any extremely independent and wildly talented woman. And, that is Johnna Crider, founder of A4TH (Art4TheHomeless).

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

Support those organizations already established for the purpose of helping the homeless. These people may be experiencing temporary homelessness or chronic homelessness. The numbers fluctuate since many persons are just one serious illness or job loss away from becoming homeless.

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10 responses to “Awakenings: Crisis in America: Homelessness

  1. Teepee12 says:

    And we will be very happy if we are not counted amongst the homeless. People don’t realize how close many of us are to being actually homeless.

  2. bobmielke says:

    As you may know I am extremely conscious of the plight of homeless. One of our seniors at McDonald’s is homeless. Another is living in government housing and gets food to live from the food bank. A third can be seen every day of the week pushing two shopping carts with all her worldly possessions aboard. I’ve photographed homeless in San Francisco picking out a park bench for the night. Our senior homeless man spent Christmas through New Years in jail because the police thought they were doing him a favor. It’s bad out there, really bad. 😦

    • catnipoflife says:

      Bob, thank you for your insights. Even in our little southwest Georgia town where I live, there is evidence of homelessness. It hits at the heart of America…within families. It is no longer just about one and it pays no attention to age. 😦

      • bobmielke says:

        I am dangerously close to homeless myself. I live on Social Security & a $263 a month pension. If the government starts messing with either I’m on the street. There’s no excess money, no slack. I get so angry at the waste in government and yet they deny on the local & federal level of having any money for the homeless.

  3. Oh Sharla, it’s such an unexpectedly hard world for so many people these days, isn’t it? And one of the worst things is that those of us who are fortunate in the place we live in, feel so helpless to be of use to those who could do with a helping hand and some love…

  4. I hit like, not because I like “homelessness” but because I like that you are speaking out about it.
    As you know,I have been doing “Art Gowns” I have decided to use them on my Blog for Charity. Each person I have designed one for has picked a Charity or Foundation they like supporting, I will use an image of that “Art Gown” to link to that Charity. I’m just working on that now.
    Perhaps if I don’t hear from Eric, I will link his to a Charity that helps the homeless. – Resa

  5. Raani York says:

    If homelessness is something that worries you, my sister works full time to end homelessness in Nashville, TN. This is really a subject that she’s in with her heart and I admire her for this!!

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