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Free Write Friday #21: Serendipity

on March 2, 2013

serendipity-fwf-wordIt was summer. It was hot. So hot the black tar pavement could easily serve as an iron skillet where if an egg were dropped it would fry itself to a golden crisp. The only relief from the sweltering heat: a boat ride to Shell Island! Even the wind whipping across a sweaty body and through salty hair wasn’t enough so the only resolution was a cool dip in the ocean.

1-2-3 Spa-lash! OUCH! Suddenly a sharp pain ran from my big toe up, up, up all the way through my brain. If ever I thought my brains were about to come out my ears, it was that moment. The water was much shallower than initially envisioned. Thus, upon jumping into the water, both feet hit bottom. Pa-lop!

But, why so much pain? Must be something sharp…a broken bottle, a chunk of shell, a rusty nail, a piece of plastic, a fish hook, a sea urchin? Could be any of these. It just hurt whatever it was.

With a quick grab of the foot and a few dances along the ocean floor, the pain slowly subsided. Now to determine the culprit that dared break such a peaceful scene as it surrendered to a nightmarish scream. Goggles were donned and the search was on.

It didn’t take long to spot something silver and shiny sticking up from the ocean bed. The sunrays penetrated the crystal-clear water reflecting prismatic colors off the shiny object and shimmering sandy bottom. Carefully reaching forward, scooping up who knows what at the time, it was carefully lifted from its resting place and into the sunlight above the water.

Removing the goggles and swishing the object through the water revealed a tiny silver box with a jagged edge. Must have hit the edge just at the right spot on my big toe when I jumped into the water. Luckily it did not break the skin so no bleeding. Whew! Never know what is lurking about in the ocean that might like the smell and taste of blood. Enough thoughts on the jump, let’s get back to the find.

The box was not very big and rested easily in the palm of my hand. There was a tiny latch but no lock. At first it was hard to open. There was no way of knowing how long it had been in the water. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. Slowly lifting the top I suddenly stopped in dead silence. There looking right back at me was a sparkling sight as though it was saying “What took you so long?” I was stunned. Then, I smiled and laughed. When I thought I could laugh no more, I kept on laughing. By sheer accident, I was now facing something good and I had not even been looking for it.

This little box with its jagged edge was filled with tiny jewels! Were they real? Use YOUR imagination…



Hope you enjoyed my contribution to Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday. Not often do I write a short story instead of poetry but that is what I enjoy most about Kelli’s free writes. You simply write what comes to mind at the time. Thank you, Kellie, for another great challenge. Now, as usual, off to see what others have written so I can share. Be right back…so if you go away, be sure to return for links to other free writes.

26 responses to “Free Write Friday #21: Serendipity

  1. […] It was summer. It was hot. So hot the black tar pavement could easily serve as an iron skillet where if an egg were dropped it would fry itself to a golden crisp. The only relief from the swelterin…  […]

  2. Lady Lovely says:

    Another great story here! Love it!

  3. great story… you had me right to the end XX

  4. Teepee12 says:

    Aww c’mon … you’re not gonna tell me what is in the box? No fair!! Great little teaser!

  5. Well done, Sharla! You keep the reader wondering throughout, then LEAVE THEM HANGING in the end. grrrr

  6. Sharla … what a wonderful story and surprise ending … now we are all left to our own devices to find the ending best suited for each of us … great read!!! Annie

    • catnipoflife says:

      Thank you, Annie. So glad you enjoyed. I wasn’t sure about this one as I was writing. But when the ending just came without hesitation, I knew I was on to something! 🙂

  7. I’m sitting here wondering if they were real, and from where they may have come. Cute story.

  8. noooo!!! lol! a cliffhanger??? really??? haha! Great read, sweets!!! Thanks so much for writing! Love it! (although I still wish I knew if the jewels were real or not!)
    Maybe another chapter soon? 😉


    • catnipoflife says:

      Aw-w-w-w, Kelly! Thank you so much for your comments. I read them to my husband (Jim) and he liked your reference to ‘cliffhanger’. I think the ending turned out to be the best part!

  9. seanbidd says:

    Thanks, Sharla… The mysteries of the deep, with a silver box. It must of been such a weighty find, for silver is not a light metal, even for a small box. Your keeping a bigger secret, right, there’s an old wreck out there that the last storm uncovered on the ocean floor, and no one even knows it’s there. Except you, of course… I think I’m using too much imagination. What a top little story!

    • catnipoflife says:

      I never dreamed of getting such responses on my little story. I have done very little story writing, none until I started blogging a year ago. While I was writing last night, I really thought I would not post it. Thought it was sounding too much like “already heard this type of treasure find story.” Then, I came to the ending which flowed rather nicely unexpectedly. Of course, that is the nature of a free write, right? Thank you so much for commenting! BTW That tiny silver box COULD very well just be the beginning 🙂

  10. bbanublog says:

    lovely idea sprouted from a painful reality in the ocean that streamed up a laughing riot into the writers brain, goes to showing how creativity is embeded in her veins

  11. Of course they were real – that’s serendipity for you Sharla!

  12. Of course, rubies and diamonds! Pain must have its reward!

  13. Raani York says:

    This is very special and I loved the jewels at the end. 🙂 My own imagination says they’re real… but what do I know?

  14. seetarn says:

    Beautiful, serene and intriguing right till the end…wonderfully woven Sharla…Only you…classic you…Loved it…

  15. Patti says:

    Thank you. You gave me a smile to sleep with tonight.

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