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Awakenings: National Teacher Appreciation Day, May 7, 2013

on May 7, 2013

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 Which word best describes a teacher? ALL of the above!

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

Teacher Appreciation Week 2013 began on Monday, May 6 with today,Tuesday, May 7 being NATIONAL TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY 2013!

Why should teacher appreciation be celebrated only one week out of the year? Why should it ever end? Teacher appreciation should span the time from the first day of school preparation to the first day of summer vacation!

“When you see a teacher today, or any day for that matter, thank them for everything they do.” They don’t give up on your children so why shouldnt you support them!

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5 responses to “Awakenings: National Teacher Appreciation Day, May 7, 2013

  1. Yes, if you can read something, thank a teacher!

  2. Lyn says:

    My youngest daughter and my son-in-law are both school teachers (grades 1-6) Gotta love teachers 🙂

  3. Teepee12 says:

    Teachers are the MOST underappreciated workers in America. We give them our children. We should also give them living wages and respect.

  4. Micki Peluso says:

    They are the makers of our children and what they will become. Once in schoool our kids spend as much or more time with their teachers than their parents. With the great teachers this is an asset, with the not so great ones, our children are the losers.

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