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Teacher Appreciation, Part II

~Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6 – 10, 2013~

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Catnip’s sister site, Awakenings, is posing a series of questions for you to think about in relation to a memorable teacher…maybe good, maybe not so good! We all have teacher moments to remember.

Awakenings invites you to visit and…

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Awakenings: National Teacher Appreciation Day, May 7, 2013

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 Which word best describes a teacher? ALL of the above!

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

Teacher Appreciation Week 2013 began on Monday, May 6 with today,Tuesday, May 7 being NATIONAL TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY 2013!

Why should teacher appreciation be celebrated only one week out of the year? Why should it ever end? Teacher appreciation should span the time from the first day of school preparation to the first day of summer vacation!

“When you see a teacher today, or any day for that matter, thank them for everything they do.” They don’t give up on your children so why shouldnt you support them!

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A Year of Thankfulness


Today is a day of celebration and catnip is all dolled up for the occasion:

catnipoflife‘s 1st anniversary!

This past year has been incredible in the blogosphere! So much joy is received each time a Like or comment is posted with recognition that one of YOU has truly enjoyed my inspirational poetry, novice pictures, impromptu writings and humorous catnip. The purpose for this blog has always been to inspire:

echoes of the heart, remembrances from the past and catnip of life.

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Thankfulness from my heart to yours!

Without you,
This blog would no longer be
Without you,
My words no one would see

Without you,
The cat would cease to purr
Without you,
Catnip would no longer spur

Because of you
The cat seldom whines
Because of you
The sun always shines

Because of you
Catnip whirs and whirs
Because of you
Vision never blurs

You’re the inspiration
Soft fur and sharp claws
Spurring me onward
To write just because

You’re the inspiration
Through which I write
You’re the reason
I’m up late at night

©2013 catnipoflife
Sharla Lee Shults

Blessed Day and Sweet Dreams



Quips, Quotes, & Anecdotes, aka ‘Antidotes’

Ah-h-h-h-ha! Those sidesplitting quips, quotes and anecdotes [‘antidotes’, if you prefer] that bring on the tears from laughing so hard. . .where would we be without such humorous happenings? And, what better place to seek the most unusual challenges and ‘off-the-wall’ excuses than within the reflections of a classroom teacher.  You know – that person who holds the ‘cushy’ job, which starts late and ends early in the afternoon, and provides summers off to do nothing but lay around and bask in the sun. Ooooh! It is getting hot already. . .Yea, right! We wish!

From day care to pre-school to kindergarten. . .all the way into the college lecture hall are moments where innocence (the unintentional) turns wit into wisdom. Tales to be told, stories to be written, smiles, laughter, tears and frustration fill the pages of the teachers’ mental diaries. Teachers can quip all day about frantic antics, provide hundreds of thousands of daily eventful quotes and last, but not least, share humor beyond all boundaries that becomes the best ‘antidote‘ for a bad day. [Um-m-m? Sounds like the cat in my post Funny Cats:>)]

Enjoy and get ready to laugh. . .

“What office is there which involves more responsibility, which requires more qualifications, and which ought, therefore, to be more honorable, than teaching?”

 Harriet Martineau

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Monday, May 7, 2012 through Friday, May 11, 2012

A Tribute to Teachers with a special letter from Christy Carpenter is posted @ Awakenings.

“When you see a teacher today, or any day for that matter, thank them for everything they do.”                                                               

                              ~Christy Carpenter, Mosely High School, Panama City, FL


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