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on July 19, 2013

catnipoflife is all for HUGS! HUGS! HUGS! So, when I visited Ute Smile today I knew her post needed to be reblogged. Here is a HUG, many hugs in fact…now pass on as many as you can!

Ute smile

afavourite hugshugshugs1hugs2hugs3

A hug a day keeps the negatives away!

Which one is your favourite hug?

I love the tight hug, and you receive it back even tighter….

Another big Hug photo bighug.gif

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6 responses to “Hugs

  1. Teepee12 says:

    I like the surprise hugs best 🙂

  2. bldodson says:

    A nice hug at night, helps a person sleep tight.

  3. There is cultural usual hugs that reflects some people nice behavior as done in some latin countries too! In so many cases really meaning effective kind feelings and appreciation! “Hug from your brazilian friend”!

  4. Any hug. I haven’t had a hug in years.

  5. Raani York says:

    Funny…. all of those hugs seem right to me!

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