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Awakenings: National Ice Cream Soda Day

on July 20, 2013

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It’s (maybe, maybe not) National Ice Cream Soda Day! In either event, take the time to enjoy this frothy drink, comprised of a few scoops of ice cream in any carbonated beverage. It’s the perfect thing to cool you off on this July day.

Visit Awakenings for clarification on this questionable matter – today or not today? That is the question.

Sharla Shults‘s insight:

Do you remember the old-fashioned ice cream soda fountain and know why the fountain attendant was called a soda ‘jerk’?

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2 responses to “Awakenings: National Ice Cream Soda Day

  1. I remember old fashioned soda fountains. Life was so much simpler and purer then. Do you what a Phosphate is? We had a drug store with a soda fountain that sold these for a nickel. They were nothing more than carbonated water and flavoring in a very tall soda fountain glass, but they almost glowed in the dark! Hence, the name—Phosphate.

  2. Raani York says:

    Hmmmm…. I gotta think about extending this particular day too. LOL

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